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Christine Cloutier

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Kelowna
Languages: English, French

Christine Cloutier is a passionate artist who believes that children are the leaders of today. Her desire is to see children become free to be and express their dreams through arts no matter how old they are . As an artist, Christine Cloutier is also engaged in her community. Here are some examples of activities that she had organized: collective paintings with children at the Global Children's Village Kelowna and during the Culture Days. Christine Cloutier likes to do live painting to connect with people of all ages and to release the creativity spirit around her.


The teacher and the students enjoyed her project a lot. Mrs Cloutier was very well organized and prepared for the different activities. She showed excellent social skills with the students, the staff and myself. She was able to adapt her teaching to the school needs. The material she brought was of very high quality. Mrs Cloutier is a very professional person. I have seen many workshops during my career and this workshop is among the best ones I have seen so far. I would highly recommend this art project to any principal and any teacher. Chantale Desmarais, Principal, École des Glaciers, Revelstoke
By working with Christine, we have been able to testify her ability and great interest in working with the public and to engage it in her artistic approach. We can tell she is truly committed to develop the artistic community engagement in her visual arts work. We are convinced that she possesses the talent and the professionalism necessary to achieve artistic projects with various groups. For all these reasons, we will not hesitate to recommend Christine as a strong candidate for an artistic project. Jean-François Packwood, Executive Director, CCAFCB
You've obviously heard what bona fide artists have been declaring forever? that "art can change the world!" Yes, for sure, but what I found at Christine Cloutier's art program called "Out of the Box" is that art, in fact, first changes the artist. And that is huge. I'm not really sure if the broader world-at-large out there "gets" it. Art changes the world, one artist at a time! Who knew? I certainly didn't before I took Christine's program. The simple act of sloshing paint on canvas can so dramatically affects such tremendous change in the heart and mind of the artist - AKA the paint slosher! It must be Christine's unique way of presenting each week's project that initiates the idea that transformation is available, but it's the personal act of moving around colours and playing with textures that - somehow - brings about a dramatic "shift" in the artist. I'd say, do whatever you can to get into this program. Self-proclaimed artist or self-proclaimed non-artist. Just do it. Change, freedom and a whole lot of fun are up for grabs at Christine Cloutier's "Out of the Box." Chris Mapson, Workshop Student

Project Examples

I Have a Dream

The goal of the project is to create awareness and sensitivity about the children's personal and collective dreams. There are two parts in that workshop: in the first part, the students will have to write and draw their personal dreams in a journal and then share them in small groups to empower each other. In part two, following a presentation about the reality of other children in the world, the students will discuss the things they dream to see happen for other children. Then they will create collective paintings that express the world they dream of.

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