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Lee Edward Fodi

Discipline: Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Lee Edward Fodi is an author, illustrator and educator who specializes in workshops for elementary-aged audiences. He has worked as an artist and/or writer in residence at numerous schools in Canada, the United States, Korea and Thailand and is a co-founder of The Creative Writing for Children Society (CWC), a not-for-profit program that helps kids write their own books. As an illustrator, Lee brings a very visual approach to the craft of writing while, as a writer, he brings the power of stories to illustration. He graduated from the University of British Columbia and has a degree in English Literature and a diploma in Fine Arts. He is the author and illustrator of The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar, and has also illustrated several picture books for other authors. Most recently, he has worked as the illustrator for the BC Library's summer reading program.


Your author tour of the Peace Library System was amazing! Thank you for the energy and enthusiasm you brought to each of the 12 presentations - it was a demanding schedule! Every session was well organized, well attended, and each audience got engaged and interacted. The two sessions where you did the drawing with the children and had them call out suggestions for the features of the creature were quite entertaining. The boys were particularly engaged when you read a portion from your third book in the Kendra Kandlestar series about the rumble pit where various mythical creatures have been captured and have to do battle. The props aroused curiosity and tied in well as you explained their integral part in your writing process. Katherine Wiehe, Peace Library System, Grande Prairie, AB
The students loved his dynamic presentations and how he was able to answer their questions. The teachers were impressed with his material and the way he was able to manage, engage, and inspire the students. Many teachers have already asked when we can have him back. I would highly recommend having Lee visit any educational institution because the experience would definitely enrich student learning. It certainly enriched ours! Shobna Nathan, Teacher-Librarian, Mountainview Montessori, Surrey
Thank you for your commitment to do such a great job for the students at Sir Alexander McKenzie. You were the perfect author for the Festival's Executive Director to witness in action in the classroom she saw the best of the best. In ten years of doing this, you are definitely in the top three. I hope that we can get you involved in the Festival programs again! Ilona Beiks, Education Coordinator, Vancouver International Writers and Readers Festival

Project Examples

The Art of Creating Heroes

In this workshop series, Lee Edward Fodi helps students build heroic characters through drawing, writing, and model-making. Students are led through several modules that discuss some of the best-known and beloved heroes in film and literature, discussing the common elements that make us want to root for their success. He explains how he draws on these archetypes to create his own heroes and helps students brainstorm their own creations. As the program continues, students bring their characters to life through illustration, prop building, and even costume design, which involves choosing hair samples, fabric swatches, and other clothing elements. This type of program has many deliverables, including creating cover art for a graphic novel, a creative writing piece, or a display that chronicles the creative process.

Crafting Kingdoms: The Art of Building Strong Fantasy Worlds

This workshop features a presentation on how some of the best-known fantasy authors, including J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis, employ visual techniques (such as doodling, mapping, diagramming and illustration) to help construct intricate worlds replete with cultures, customs, languages, and symbols. Lee Edward Fodi speaks to how he employs these techniques in his own work and gives participants tips to aid in the construction of their own worlds. Students then begin on a fun project to develop and design their own worlds, using a variety of supplied handouts and worksheets.

Meet the Wiz: An Introduction to Lee Edward Fodi and his Work

This presentation is designed to inspire and invigorate students of all reading and writing levels. Lee Edward Fodi demonstrates how the process of illustration inspires his own writing and then leads students in an interactive drawing session, in which each participant creates a character. Finally, each student is encouraged to write a story based on the character he or she has created. This session can then be followed up with a formal writing assignment.

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