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Sand Northrup in the Classroom

Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French

Sand Northrup (AKA One Woman Circus) is an exceptional artist and educator whose extensive experience and contagious enthusiasm bring circus arts to life for thousands of students annually. Renowned for her hilarious, interactive performances, Sand is a skilled physical comedian, juggler and unicyclist with a remarkable ability to build rapport with young audiences in French, English or both. Recent projects include developing after-school Circus Sports programs for the City of Burnaby and a collective circus performance entitled Hands On New Circus.


Your enthusiasm and expertise inspired all of us - students and teachers - to be the best we can be. Grade 5 Teacher

Project Examples

Multiple Day Circus Arts Residency with Show

As in the multiple day format but with sufficient days to allow each student to have three circus workshops (Intro, Extra and Routine building) and additional rehearsal time to build new skills into routines for presentation. This residency also involves developing routines in groups and setting and practicing routines to music. Culminates in a run-through in show running order and the staging of a school wide circus demonstration. Typically a school of 150 students or 6 divisions would need 3 or 4 days to complete this type of residency with a simple show component.

Multiple Day Circus Arts Residencies (Two to Ten Days)

This Multiple Day format can range from two to ten days depending on the number of groups involved and the goal of the residency. Students receive Sand's Intro to Circus Arts (see One Day Circus Workshops description) and a second session to advance one or two skills with opportunity to practice individually and in groups. Great for concentration, goal-setting and building on success. In longer residencies, there is a third workshop to specialize and develop more challenging routines which students demonstrate to their peers or to a larger school group.

Mobile Circus School/Ateliers du cirque

Hands-on circus arts workshops introduce students to a range of circus skills like feather balancing, juggling, unicycle, rola bola and stilts. Called "the best hands-on residency we've had" by one principal, students love this challenging mix of physical education and performing arts. Results: greater student self-confidence, body awareness and self-discipline while having big fun. Sand also customizes residencies with fantastic success in helping build performances, French vocabulary and inspired physical activity programs using circus arts.

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