Gallery Tour - Grade 6's Hearing Voices

Posted by ArtStarts on Thursday October 7th, 2010

Grade six students from Clinton Elementary School in Burnaby were recently given a tour of our exhibition Hear Our Voices. Conversation and questions arose amongst the students as they looked at, read and interacted with the richly diverse collection of work on display. When asked for their thoughts on the show, one enthusiastic student declared, "I love it! Beautiful artwork!".

Hear our Voices gallery tour

The work in this exhibit was created by young artists from First Nation and public schools around BC, through the Artist in Education residency component. Highlights include scrolls created by First Nations' students in the Eastside of Vancouver that honour elders from their community and beautifully crafted bentboxes created by Aboriginal students from Hazelton.

Hear our Voices gallery tour

Interested in bringing your class in for a gallery tour? Email us or give us a call at 604-878-7144.

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Thursday September 8th, 2011
As a parent of a Grade 6 student, would like to know more about your Hear Our Voices exhibition as I would like to propose more out-of-class school tours. This year we have a class of 29 students. Please advise when tours are available, how many adults must accompany and where you are located via access seabus as our school is located in North Vancouver. Thank you.

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