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Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. (ARTCI)

Discipline: Dance, Film / Video, Interdisciplinary, Music, Storytelling, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Richmond
Languages: English, Italian
Contact Me: (778) 319-6524 , Email , Web

Artists Rendering Tales Collective Inc. (ARTCi) is a powerful group of artists who are highly familiar with combining arts and curriculum. With over 100 years combined experience, ARTCi covers multiple facets of art and education from traditional to ultra-modern electronic media formats in a single project. ARTCi focuses on the process of art creation and the power arts have to transform minds, hearts and actions. Our team includes Indigenous artists, Elders, new immigrants, two spirited individuals and allies. We believe that together we are better and that it's important for us to model what ReconciliACTion in process looks like. We create safe spaces for dialogue and art creation and have cultural protocols and procedures in place to assure this. ARTCi includes Indigenous/drama/storytelling/visual arts/dance/creative writing/media and musical artists. ARTCi can facilitate the telling of your school's, classroom's or curricular story in multiple, integrated, engaging and artistic ways! Artist bios at:


On behalf of the students and staff at Urban Academy, we thank the ARTCi team very much for visiting our school today and engaging our kids in meaningful workshops and ceremonies. The kids really enjoyed themselves and the workshops provided a very valuable real-world link to our learning in Social Studies. Tricia Reston, Grade 5 teacher/Pro-d coordinator, Urban Academy
The leadership, teamwork and confidence that ARTCi instills translates directly into the classroom. The artists allow the students to 'taste success' thus, by the time they return to the classroom they can't help but strive for more, both academically and as leaders. ARTCI's positive effect on the social and emotional progress of the children resonates long after the program ends. Because of this, I hope to continue working with these amazing artists in the future. Justin Borsato, Grade 7 Teacher, Britannia Elementary

Project Examples


Observing and incorporating the protocol, history and traditions of Indigenous people, students explore stories told by an Indigenous Knowledgekeeper using a combination of art forms. Beginning with a visit from ARTCi's Knowledgekeeper or one of our Indigenous artists, students continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary Indigenous culture by expressing themselves through drama, dance, visual arts, media arts, filmmaking, storytelling, creative writing or all of the above with the expert support of the ARTCI team in the visits that follow.

LEAD: Listen Empathize Act Drive

LEAD allows students to experience and discover their strengths, address their challenges and develop communication and leadership skills in a short, invigorating and fruitful timeframe, providing an experience which impacts and empowers them for their lifetimes. It uniquely fosters creative and cultural growth, allowing students to shed pre-existing labels and step outside of difficult life circumstances to see their world with hope and opportunities. Students are immersed in activities involving drama, dance, literature/spoken-word, music, drumming, visual arts, photography/videography, Indigenous and media arts and can be adapted to any curricular theme.

Reconciliation Through the Arts

ARTCi's Indigenous Knowledgekeeper shares her family's story of resiliency as provocation along with some of the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. The ARTCi team facilitates the process of being an ally by using the arts to create a bridge for dialogue and action. As artists we model what ReconciliACTION in process looks like through the arts and engage students in their own diverse creative projects that build empathy and understanding for all. Available in half/full day or extended residencies.

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