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Ginalina Music

Discipline: Music, Storytelling, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French, Mandarin
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Ginalina is a Canadian award-winning folk-singer with a big heart for making awesome music that brings out the best in kids. She has many recognitions for her work, including: Juno-nomination, Western Canadian Music Award, Parent's Choice Gold, plus a video series on Kids' Knowledge Network and www.kiddoodle.TV (USA). As an educator and interdisciplinary artistic facilitator in elementary schools, Ginalina offers an interactive workshop that uses: movement, voice, role-playing, reflection, and performance opportunities to meet the learning needs of students. The workshop results in the creation of a story and song collaboratively composed with the children. Every workshop follows a learning structure and provides room for flexibility, play, and creativity, as per the interests and strengths of the class.


Ginalina has demonstrated a wonderful passion, commitment, and talent of connecting and engaging with children of all ages. Her programs at our events have consistently captivated audiences ... and she has developed a very special songwriting workshop to leverage on this strength. In a concise, yet thorough and structured manner, Ginalina impresses the fundamentals of songwriting (and faciliates the chidlren to create their own song). Charlie Wu, Director, Asian Canadian Special Events Association
An absolute treat! Ginalina had her audience engaged, active, and excited! She was a gift to the kids and the community - such a fun and meaningful part of the festival! Emily Farrell, Executive Director, Dawson City Music Festival
Ginalina is a natural teacher and an engaging and dynamic performer with a strong educational background. Most recently, Ginalina led two songwriting workshops with 60 people in each session ... and was able to collaboratively write a fun song in just 45 minutes, including a live performance with the kids at the end. Everyone had a great time and learned the key elements of songwriting and walked away with tangible skills that they could use with their kids to create their own songs. Kim Thé, Co-Founder, PebbleStar Artists Inc.

Project Examples

A Day in the Life of a Canadian Folk Music Artist

In this fun workshop, children explore Canadian Folk Music and the life of a Folk Artist. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we: - Define what is Folk Music - Introduce famous Canadian Folk Artists and their music - Discuss the importance of Storytelling as a tool used in Folk Music - Careers/Life of a Folk Musician - Write and perform a song together, using 5 steps The main outcome of every class is to collaboratively walk through the steps of writing a song: choose a theme, write the lyrics, try a melody line, rehearse, perform, and document. Curriculum topics include: Social Studies, Writing/Music, History, Community

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