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Jacquie Rolston

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Burnaby
Languages: English

Jacquie Rolston is an animator, illustrator and multidisciplinary artist from Vancouver, BC. After completing her Animation degree at Emily Carr University, Jacquie discovered her love of teaching. For the past 10 years, she has taught art and animation in community centres and public schools, as well as various arts organizations. Drawing is at the heart of her art practice, whether it be figurative, experimental, or comics and caricature. Jacquie believes drawing is a teachable skill and she loves helping "non-drawers" find the joy of mark-making. An incurable explorer, Jacquie is always learning new crafts, including screenprinting, felting, mask-making, Ukrainian Easter eggs, lantern-making and puppetry. Jacquie also has a Recreation Leadership Diploma from Langara College and studied Art for Social Change with Dr Judith Marcuse and Dr Lynn Fels.


She consistently went above and beyond her contract, volunteering long hours for the students to have a complete art piece. Her work ethic and dedication to the students is always forefront in her motivation. Jacquie is able to communicate easily with students; they feel comfortable around her and always looked forward to her visits. The artwork and the experience have always been very positive for myself and the students. Cecile Steudel, Visual Arts Teacher, Burnaby North Secondary

Project Examples

Keeping a Sketchbook

What goes in a sketchbook? Jacquie shares a lifetime of her own sketchbooks, as well as the books of other artists and introduces students to an invaluable artist's tool. This workshop opens the doors for what belongs in an artist's sketchbook, and invites students to make a record of their life their own way. Ticket stubs, shopping lists, journaling, overheard conversations and inspirational material can share a page with sketches, finished drawings and doodles. Depending on the age and needs of the class, the workshop can be tailored to focus on one aspect of keeping a sketchbook, such as Drawing from Observation, Altered Book Technique, or Composition.

Creative Reuse: Recycled Art

Creative Reuse is the art of turning discarded materials into beautiful or useful objects. It requires a fresh look at what we call 'garbage' to see it as raw material. Students learn about how our society designs products that ultimately end up in a landfill, and the cost to the environment. The class will brainstorm ways to reduce garbage at home and at school, and learn about the concept of 'cradle to cradle' design. Example projects include DIY beeswax cloth sandwich wrappers, plastic lid mosaics, cardboard furniture, collaborative crazy quilt and more.


Students create beautiful and whimsical glowing lanterns from a bamboo frame covered in delicate tissue paper. Explore light and shadows in illuminated sculptures lit with candles or LEDs. Students learn how to sketch and build a 3D shape in 'wireframe' using thin pieces of bamboo, and how to engineer a lantern that can be safely lit by a candle flame. Lantern making is a multi-step process that challenges students to think and plan in 3D, master construction skills and develop craftsmanship. Subject matter can be open-ended or themed, for example, Birds of South-Western BC or Architecture in Our Neighbourhood.

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