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January 23, 2020

Creative Workshops at ArtStarts

Looking for a STEAM-powered workshop for your students or colleagues? Bring them to ArtStarts Gallery located in downtown Vancouver for 90 minutes of hands-on creative learning and team building.

Hear from an instructor from Sprott Shaw College’s ECE program, Megan MacDonald, who has been bringing her students to experience the process of creating and how it can positively impact the way they interact with young people.

Speaking from your experience as someone who teaches Early Childhood Educators (ECE) how to work with young people, what are some things you focus on in your classes?

Megan MacDonald: “During our art modules I focus a lot on the creative process, the importance of many open ended opportunities, and the value of creativity in many aspects of life. My main focus in all the modules I teach is probably on the way we, as adults, interact with children. I put a lot of emphasis on observing and listening well and treating children with respect. It’s important for educators to be very self-reflective in all of this.” 


Why do you bring your class to ArtStarts? What do your students learn from participating in the workshops? 

Megan: “Coming to Art Starts is a great opportunity for ECE students to get to know Vancouver better (many of my students are international), to get to know BC better, and to get to know a little more about art galleries and how they can represent children--not just adults. I like the students to get a good look around the space, to get inspired by the art, to become aware of the workshops for children and families offered there, and to also learn from whatever the workshop topic for that visit is! The workshop experience is always different, but I love how it brings us all back to the importance of creativity and the value of process. It mirrors what we spend a lot of time discussing and reflecting on in class, but in a new way.”


You spoke a bit about what you focus on in classes. Do the ArtStarts workshops link in to that curriculum? If so, how do you see the connections being formed between the ArtStarts workshops and your curriculum?

Megan: “Absolutely! I always bring students in during our art modules, because the visit reinforces so many things we’ve been learning about already. It’s always good to hear and learn from other people in new ways.”


Could you tell us one thing that you remember from one of the Workshops you took your class to? 

Megan: “The whole experience was useful and educational for us--but also could be used in nearly the same way with young children. It was fantastic.”


Would you recommend other folks to bring their groups to the Workshops? Why or why not? 

Megan: “Yes, wholeheartedly! I have, and I will keep doing so!”


We offer engaging, hands-on workshops for students of all ages tailored to the needs of your curriculum. Find more details about the tours and workshops we offer at the ArtStarts Gallery on our website.

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