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October 15, 2020

Watch Party: Drag Story Hour with Mx Bukuru and Rose Butch

mx bukuru and rose butch

ArtStarts on Saturdays is back with another edition of Drag Story Hour. On October 31, we’ll hear stories read to us by Mx Bukuru and Rose Butch, and dance along with them, from home. 

Visit the ArtStarts Facebook page on Saturday, October 31 at 11am to tune into a Watch Party of Drag Story Hour. MxBukuru and Rose Butch will be joining us in the chat for some interactive fun!

To get excited for the show, we asked Mx Bukuru and Rose to tell us about their favourite books and the difference between Halloween costumes and drag. 

ArtStarts: What can audiences expect during this edition of Drag Story Hour?
Mx Bukuru: Audiences can expect a lot of colourful fun!
Rose Butch: We can expect a safe and not-so-scary Story Hour for everybody to enjoy at home

ArtStarts: What is your favourite children’s story and why?
Mx Bukuru: When I was younger my auntie bought me a book called Verdi, it was about a flying snake! She was fearless and I thought she was so cool.
Rose Butch: When I was a kid, I loved Robert Munsch books. I was always drawing and making art, so I really liked Purple, Green, and Yellow. It’s a story about a girl named Brigid who has a lot of amazing art supplies, and she colours all over herself.

ArtStarts: How would you describe drag to a young person who has never seen drag before?
Mx Bukuru: For folks that have never seen drag, I would describe it as dress-up where we get to be bigger versions of ourselves! Sometimes that means wigs and makeup, and sometimes it means sequin suits and fancy shoes.
Rose Butch: Drag is a way for people to play with gender and self-expression by dressing up and have fun with makeup, hair, costumes, music, and more!

ArtStarts: Drag Story Hour is on Halloween. Could you tell us about the difference between doing drag and wearing a costume for Halloween?
Mx Bukuru: Well, I think Halloween can be very personal, but drag can be even more personal! You create a character based on all the special pieces of you, and Halloween isn’t always as thought out. It can be though! I love all the super cool costumes that people put time into.
Rose Butch: Well, the main difference is that Halloween is just once a year, and some people do drag all the time. Doing drag is like having a (very fancy) superhero (or supervillain) alter ego.

If you miss the Watch Party, no worries - the stories and dancing will be up on Facebook and YouTube until November 31st!

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