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Angela Brown

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Storytelling, Theatre
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French

Angela holds degrees in dance, theatre, directing and visual art. She is known as the Ta Daa Lady (clown, puppets, song and dance) and is storyteller for Nylon Zoo which tours all over BC. She teaches acting, improve, clown, dance, storytelling, visual art, Master classes at Capilano University, musical theatre, has taught acting to children and adults at Gateway Theatre, acting at Okanagan School of the Arts and with Learning Through the Arts. Angela is co-creator of performances for schools with West Coast Chamber Music (touring with Peter and the Wolf through ArtStarts), Historical Performance Ensemble and she is a writer and director for BC historical parks. If anyone is interested in the Nylon Zoo or Ta Daa Lady Show for your school please contact Angela.


I very much enjoyed Angela's energy and charismatic presence in the way she lead the drama activities during her storytelling workshops for our home school association. As well, she suggested ideas for mask making and other activities to go along with the storytelling aspect. Darlene Rainbow, Head Teacher, Ladner Home Schooling Group
As a teacher Angela has a wonderful knack of developing rapport with her students and brings delightful dynamism as well as gentle humour. She is at her best when performing and teaching for youth and children, seeming to have a special understanding of them. Children flock to her both on and off stage. She is a dynamic teacher and screams of joy and amazement are often heard from her students during our workshops. Catherine Lee, Artistic Director of Historical Performance Ensemble, Richmond
I have known Angela professionally as an artistic colleague, performer and as an artist educator from when I was the Regional Manager for BC's programs for Learning Through the Arts. Angela is gifted in many ways and expresses herself delightfully using many art forms. Angela's talent also lies in her ability to share her passion of educating and entertaining children. She has knowledge of various learning styles, ability to communicate and break down each of her art forms keeping in mind the various ages and stages of her students. Her lesson plans feature collaborative and individual elements and are highly engaging and motivational. Lori Sherritt Fleming, Former Regional Manager for BC, Artist Director of Tickle Trunk Players

Project Examples

Storytelling (Grades 1-7)

Make a short play or scene based on original stories created by the class with various improve games. We use acting techniques as well as mime, pantomime and dance. The class makes their own simple masks and/or props. We build confidence, cooperation, communication, enhance creativity and self expression, improve fine and gross motor skills and writing ability.

Speaking with our Bodies (Grades 2-5)

By researching folktales, myths and legends from various cultures and choosing a story, we use non - verbal communication to reflect on telling the story without using words. We incorporate elements of movement, dance, mask and mime to enhance the storytelling component. Students will improve their confidence, coordination and spacial relations. We will focus on individual contributions and responsibilities within a group thereby gaining a deeper understanding of others, accepting and appreciating our differences.

The Changing Seasons: Art and Dance in the Classroom (K - 7)

Observe changes that occur in your school and your community throughout the year. Represent these changes with drawings using lines, shapes, color and textures keeping in mind cardinal directions, symbols and patterns. The drawings are used as inspiration to find ways to make soundscapes and movement to build an interdisciplinary piece. This program builds skills in communication, self expression, movement, coordination, music (melody, rhythm and tempo) and math (mapping, patterns, directions, and shapes). Weather permitting, these sessions could be done outside in a garden, at a park, or on a beach.

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