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Barry Strasbourg-Thompson

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Chemainus
Languages: English

H.B. Barry Strasbourg-Thompson holds a BFA (University of Ottawa). His expertise is in areas of self-directed exploration (studying creativity and the visual language - elements and principles of art). His experience includes a 60-year visual arts practice and exhibition record: retired creative arts instructor, Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre in Ottawa (Art in Healthcare specialist, Dementia Care); artist in residence at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Elementary in Ottawa; FineArtZ Camp instructor with Chemainus Crofton Community Schools Association; Young Artist Workshop K-7 St. Joseph's Elementary School in Chemainus; March Break Arts Camps, Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery March March Break Arts Camps, Afterschool Arts program and Summer Arts Camp program.


Barry is a confident, knowledgeable and hard-working instructor. He is welcoming, caring and gets along well with kids. Barry's stories and humour were of great value to our team of instructors, assistants and campers, keeping the fun in even the most hectic of situations. Wendy Lambert, Chemanius Crofton Community Schools Association

Project Examples

20 years from now? I'll be doing this.

Create models that show us what our community will be like 20 years from now. What will we do for housing, for transportation, for food, for education, for earning an income, for travel, for fun, for visual art; theatre, puppetry, sculpture, photography, books. What career will I have? What kind of family will I have? What will my culture be? Students will create their model projects under the leadership of their teachers and my guidance as an ArtStarts Artist.

Young Artists Workshop

Young Artists Workshop can include any of 2D contour drawing (learn to draw anything that you can see), painting, photography, printmaking, hand pulled prints from a press, plus 3D Explorations in carving, paper sculpture, recycled materials assemblage, "Roman Arch of My Triumph." Young Artist Workshop provides visual art projects designed in consultation with teachers and the BC Curriculum. Grade-specific tasks help students experiment and experience applications of the visual language and wide varieties of art materials and methods. Students explore curriculum related images and objects with various materials applying lessons on the elements and principles of colour and design. The primary goal of Young Artist Workshop is to facilitate skill advancement and creativity. Advanced creativity provides for problem-solving throughout the students' lifetime. Grades K-7.

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