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Bev Ellis

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Surrey
Languages: English

Accomplished painter, mixed media artist, ceramic sculptor and jewelry designer, Ellis' artwork is in university, television, corporate and private collections. Ellis has a passion to ignite, equip, and encourage others through the energizing motivation of art! She has more than15 years experience teaching students and educators of all ages. She enjoys having a myriad of techniques and art media to work with. Paper, clay, canvas, metal or fabric become wonderful playgrounds of brushstrokes, colours and textures. Ellis specializes in creating custom art lessons and experiences. Feel free to contact her personally to design a project to fit your specific needs!


I have known Bev as both a painter and a ceramic artist. She brings joy to the experience and has a very relaxed and natural way with the children. Her generosity is boundless. Bev's enthusiasm inspired me, and my school administrator, to establish a studio space within the school that could be dedicated to working on artistic endeavors. I was so impressed with Bev's talents that I arranged for her to present a clay workshop, Shaking Hands with Clay, for a group of BC educators at a national conference. I don't think you could find an artist more suited to working with children in school settings. She has patience (necessary for working with children!), skill, and a very authentic way of being. Laurie Kocher, Douglas College
I have known Bev for over 20 years and have had her in my classroom many times to teach my students about painting, art and working with clay. Bev has always conducted herself in a caring and compassionate manner with my students and has shown great expertise when demonstrating different artistic techniques. She comes to school prepared to get to know the students and adjusts the activities for each student's needs and capabilities. Bev's many years of experience working with children are a great asset to being an artist in residence. Michelle Heibert, Kindergarten Teacher, Prince Charles Elementary

Project Examples

Relief Sculptures, the Sky is the Limit

There are so many possibilities with clay, please feel free to ask me to personalize a project for you! Relief sculptures give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane. So many projects can be accomplished! They make great art shows and terrific gift giving for Christmas, mothers day, or fathers day! Owls, Animals, scenes, or the ability to tie into socials or science lessons, personal identity projects and more. Lessons all include teaching on working with clay, history, processes, techniques, fun interactions and building artwork and experiences students will remember and keep for a lifetime!

Draw a Line and Paint a Masterpiece

The connection between drawing and painting is tightly bound. Foundational painting techniques are taught through relating line to weather conditions, relating sound to line, and using brush strokes to create texture and movement. We will then choose a Master Impressionist to study, learn about history and style of the artist, and choose a painting to do an artist's study of. These lessons help students develop confidence and use descriptive art vocabularies, skills, and enable them to evaluate and communicate about their art discoveries. Students can be guided to set up an art show or art display with their work.

Shaking Hands with Clay

Students experience sculpting with clay, learning the processes and significant uses of clay in our world. They will learn how to create an armature, and the many different ways to produce texture, and painting skills as they complete their masks with paint or glaze. We also make a study of the structure of the face, which includes a fun game! As well as satisfying Visual arts learning outcomes, this exciting lesson can be adapted to meet many curricular connections. Some examples are, study and create aboriginal masks, or Japanese Culture masks, or use as a personal identity exploration project.

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