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Bill Hoopes - Hoopesdreams

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Bowen Island
Languages: English

Born in West Germany in 1951, Hoopes immigrated to Canada in 1981 and currently lives and works on Bowen Island. His formal training in Fine Arts includes an Associate of Fine Arts degree from Parkland Junior College (1974-1976), a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois (1976-1979), and graduate studies in Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin (1979-1980) and Illinois State University (1980-1981). Since that time, Hoopes has worked as a professional artist in Canada.


Bill demonstrated a high level of organization, creativity and ability to not only inspire youth to work on challenging projects, but to ensure that the program he delivered met with what he proposed - and always exceeded expectations. The high level of curriculum integration achieved through the projects, by working with teachers, impressed us all. Sarah Haxby, Bowen Island Community School

Project Examples

Bowen Island Spirit of Bowen Mosaic Project 2010

The theme for this mosaic, culture, sustainability and athletic endeavors were addressed by the classroom teachers and several drawing assignments were executed relating to the subject. Elements to be included in the mosaic were taken from student drawings and suggestions from the "Mosaic Committee", a group of students interested in the design of the mosaic. Bill prepared several possible designs for the mosaic and the alternatives were presented to the principal and the teachers, the community coordinator and the students. One design was selected and preparations for the execution of the mosaic then began.

Bowen Island Community School Garden Mosaic Project 2007

Working with students, teachers and volunteers, Hoopes helped to create large scale, 8X12 feet, glass tile mosaic. He has developed a process that is safe for the students and takes up very little storage space in the classroom. The theme of the mosaic was based on subjects being investigated by the students in the curriculum,the natural setting of Bowen Island. Bill created the design, which was then enlarged. The students adhere tiles to tile mesh according to the design layout. When completed, the mesh squares were then mounted on an exterior wall support.

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