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Bronwyn Preece

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Lasqueti Island
Languages: English, French

I have been engaging in art-making since I was a youngster... Now, as an adult, I employ drama, writing and visual arts-based activities as a way to creatively explore timely issues within classrooms and communities-at-large, locally and internationally. A proponent of child/group-centred learning, I move through workshops integrating participants' immediate feedback. I aim to facilitate dialogue - exploring "issues" non-didactically - and am happy to specifically design workshops around specific themes for groups (e.g. food security, community, ecology, bullying) through creative and fresh ways. Workshops can be tailored for between one hour to multi-day/durational explorations. I have a BFA and MA in Applied Theatre, am a published children's book author and am currently pursuing a PhD in Performance.


I have learned so much from you... And the students lucky enough to work with you have been the biggest beneficiaries! Lynn-Dell Goorachurn, Librarian, Willows School
When students and staff reflected on paper about their experiences with you at False Bay School and as part of the performance they commented on the fun and the excitement of preparing, the inclusive and safe nature of the work at school and how they learned so many things and that they couldn't really explain what happened because there was just so much! It was acknowledged that we were thankful for this amazing experience and your open-hearted approach and wonderful facilitator skills in terms of working with a community of children and adults. Bobbi Coleman, Principal, False Bay School

Project Examples

Localizing Fairy-Tales

Students explore the places they live, their own communities, and find ways to share the unique elements, special features and subtle nuances their home through 'mashing-up' traditional fairytales. Can be a dual-streamed project between two groups (different classes or schools), where students come together at the end to share their collaborative creations, learning in the process more about the 'other.' Ideal for elementary or high school levels.

How Do Children Define Community with 'The Council of Communties'

How do children defi community? The results might just astound you...! Ideally composed of two groups (excellent exploration for Little/Big Buddy partnerships). Part One: Bronwyn meets with each group, independently for 2 hours, using collective drawing, drama and Teacher-in-Role. Children become representatives for different communities. They learn of the upcoming Council of Communities. Part Two (on separate day): both groups are brought together for the Council of Communities: where children dramatically present on behalf of 'their' community. Finding common ground and striving to collectively problem-solve issues facing the various communities, this workshop makes for an inspiring and collectively dynamic, sharing

Gulf Islands Alphabet: Author Visit, Drama or Writing

Integrating drama, writing, and the reading of Gulf Islands Alphabet, this workshop 1.5 hour-to full day workshop is suitable for elementary school children, as we go on an island-hopping journey through the Salish Sea, stopping to meet local animals, plants, and islanders along the way!

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