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Heather Korlak

Discipline: Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: North Vancouver
Languages: English

Heather is a teacher and artist with over 20 years experience. Art education has always been the passion and focus for her teaching career. Heather has worked with Learning Through the Arts and Artists in the Schools in Manitoba. Most recently, Heather was the Art Specialist Teacher in an elementary school in Manitoba. Working collaboratively with teachers and nurturing creativity in young artists is her focus. She is a visual artist (drawing and watercolour painting), photographer and bookmaker.


Heather has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. Her ability to connect with her students, and her talent for teaching art, drama and storytelling are inspirational. She is such a passionate teacher of the arts, and is considered a leader in arts education, not only as an art specialist teacher in the school, teaching art to all grades from K-5, but also in presenting workshops in all areas of the arts to the staff. Karen Robinson, Teacher
Heather made our school come alive with all the various art displayed around the school hallways. Heathers' classroom was always buzzing with activity and student engagement, whether they were working on water color painting or clay sculptures. Heather is a very passionate artist and teacher. Through her art, Heather has connected with many of our students, in particular behavior, foster and Aboriginal students to help them express their feelings and thoughts through the art venue. She is honestly one of the most creative teachers that I have ever met. Gaylene Chodak, Counsellor/Teacher
Heather has my highest recommendation. Any group of individuals would be fortunate to work with her. Her attention to detail, creative expression, excellent work ethic, and team oriented approach to things will make her a valuable member of your organization. Lisa Wielgosh, Teacher

Project Examples

The Rights of The Child: Reflections and Creations

Most Canadian children are fortunate to have their rights met. As we live in an ever increasing global society, it is important for children in Canada to "connect" with children in the world who may not have any rights. Using Children's Literature as a spring board, students can create artwork to to express their knowledge, empathy and understanding. Some projects could include: collage, clay children, clay bowls, paintings, drawings and group murals. For example using the picture book, "Listen to the Wind" the students could create collages of their own school and education experience.

Fabric Landscapes

Fabric landscapes are created to learn about landscape and to study form, colour and value. The landscape art can be an extension of study about the Regions of Canada (Social Studies) or to celebrate the unique beauty of the British Columbia landscape (Social Studies and Language Arts connections). Students will learn about the different textures and values of fabric. Simple stitch work will be introduced to enhance the landscape as well as simple fabric dyeing. Sustainability is highly stressed as most fabric will be living a second life in the artwork.

Bookmaking: Honouring the Work of Children

There are many styles of handmade books that can be made by all ages to celebrate and honour children's writing, research and artwork. Concertina books can be used to reinforce Math and Science concepts; Carousel books can be used to increase understanding of literary devices and simple bound books can serve to feature published student writing, record ideas and drawings. Sustainability is also highly stressed as most bookmaking materials are items that can be saved from the landfill and reused and recreated into beautiful, functional and unique handmade books.

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