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Janis Dyck

Discipline: Music, Visual Arts
Homebase: Golden
Languages: English

I have worked over the past 13 years as an artist, art therapist and art instructor. I'm passionate about the creative process and enjoy sharing this passion. My own paintings are personal landscapes that incorporate symbols to create a feeling of myth and mystery. This work has been shown in group and solo shows. I've worked as an art teacher with children, adolescents and adults at the College of the Rockies and facilitated a six-week painting group and show at a local high school. I enjoy combining artistic and art therapy skills in my work with others.


Janis has a great deal of experience in engaging youth and adults in the art making process and her gifts of compassionate, warmth, understanding as well as her technical knowledge and skills... Would make sure that every student's experience of her class would be meaningful. Jane Doel, Artist

Project Examples

Grandparent's Story

In this project students are asked to bring in a story from the life of their grandparent or an elder in their community. They then choose 3-10 objects, animals or other symbols to represent different parts of this story. Next, a visual story is created on canvas using these symbols. Examples of other visual stories are brought in and discussed prior to beginning this project.

Life Road

In this project students reflect upon their personal history, their present life situation and where they would like to be in their lives. Students use a variety of available materials to symbolize the journey of their lives along a symbolic road or path. As feeling safe is important in this project, guidelines of safety are established with the group and students are reminded to only share what they feel comfortable and safe sharing.

Personal Animal

In this project students are guided through reflective drawing and painting exercises to visualize their inner strengths and qualities. They then choose an animal that best symbolizes these qualities. Next we use a step-by-step process to create this animal on canvas using acrylic paints.

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