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Joy Kirkwood

Discipline: Storytelling, Visual Arts
Homebase: Coquitlam
Languages: English

Joy Kirkwood, BFA, is proficient in drawing, painting, printmaking, soft sculpture and papier mâché and it is the blending of these skills that creates her unique artistic style. After graduation (Mount Allison, NB) Joy moved to Alberta and worked as an artist in residence for the Calgary Board of Education and the Catholic School Districts. Other organizations that have benefited from Joy's expertise include Muttart Art Gallery, EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts, Heritage Park, ACAD, and Wellspring Cancer Support Centre. Joy currently teaches art at Place des Arts in Coquitlam and continues to create and exhibit her art professionally throughout the Lower Mainland.


Joy has a wonderful way with people of all ages, bringing out their creativity and imagination while showing leadership and strength. Wendy Passmore, Puppeteer, WP Puppet Theatre
Joy's gentle, kind nature with students is apparent at every age level. She is never afraid to stop the students if a project isn't going according to plan, and rework it to fit the students' skills and interest. Deb Weiss, Teacher
Joy is an amazing teacher - multi-talented talented and sharing! I have learned so much and would love to take more of her courses. Adult Student, Place des Arts

Project Examples

Insect Inspired Art

Explore the miniature world of insects through art. Drawing, painting, and creating your own imaginary bug sculpture out of recycled materials are some of the possibilities. Learning outcomes include: introduction to entomology, drawing, colour mixing, and building simple structures. Great art activity to pair up with wetland studies.

Papier Mâché Wall Art

Inspired by nature students will create a colourful, 3D relief papier mâchè art work to hang on a wall. A bird flying, fish swimming, or giraffe walking are examples of the type of DIY wall art they can create. This contemporary and engaging approach to working with papier mâché is very adaptable for all ages, abilities, and themes.

Introduction to Watercolours

Watercolour painting is an exciting and often challenging art form where one paints with light and colour. Sketching basics, composing a picture, painting from nature and playful abstraction are some of the art activities that lend itself well to watercolours. Learning outcomes include: sketching basics, how to paint in watercolour, illustration techniques, and self-expression through art.

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