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Joyelle Brandt

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Music, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Port Moody
Languages: English

Joyelle Brandt has a Bachelor of Education degree, and training in music, art and writing. She is the author/illustrator of Princess Monsters from A to Z and the upcoming book One Act of Kindness. She is passionate about using the arts to address issues of diversity, social emotional learning, kindness and media literacy.


Joyelle is an inspiring educator. Joyelle's approachable nature, paired with her vast knowledge in the arts and keen interest in engaging children in artistic explorations makes her an outstanding candidate... She is not only innovative and hard-working, but creative, easy-going, kind-hearted and truly responsive to others. Shannon Bain, Grade 1/2 Teacher, Meadowbrook Elementary
It was a pleasure to work with Joyelle. She was enthusiastic, positive and creative in her approach to learning. She designed several levels of interactive activities that allowed all ages to engage with her exhibit. These activities also created opportunities for discussion about the messages presented, along with a chance to explore artistic expression, and problem solving skills. Joyelle has a huge amount of energy and passion for art and music, she is kind and patient with children, and she was an incredible asset to the exhibition. Janice Cotter, Gallery Coordinator, Port Moody Arts Centre
Joyelle has an inner light that shines bright on stage. With poise and grace, the utmost professional, she pulls at our heart strings with her ability to connect and engage audiences with thought provoking ideas and out of the box creativity. Mandara Lebovitz, General Manger, Terry Fox Theatre

Project Examples

Songwriting for Social Change

In this workshop, I introduce the students to examples of how songwriting has been used as a medium for raising awareness about social and environmental issues. We cover some basic songwriting skills, and then the class works together to write a song.

Art Journaling for Self Esteem

This program teaches basic art journaling techniques such as collage and mixed media painting, along with writing prompts focused on issues such as self-esteem, media literacy, body image, and personal empowerment. This program is tailored to the unique needs of your group.

Princess Monsters from A to Z Author Visit

During these classroom visits, I read the story, sing the Monster in Me song with the kids, and have the kids create their own monster portraits. Possible curriculum extensions for these visits include explorations of individuality, empathy, and kindness. Other curriculum tie ins for grades 3-5 include creative writing exploration, song writing, and a math unit centered on running a small business.

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