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Lisa Sars

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Storytelling
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Lisa Sars is a heart-based artist/teacher living in Vancouver. Lisa combines her three passions into one: yoga, storytelling and kids. From a progressive dance background with a three-year program at Maindance (2004-2007), she made her way into storytelling with the Nylon Zoo (2004-2015) and formed Dixie Star Storytelling in 2007, performing regularly at festivals and events. Yoga found its way into her life in 2010 through Yasodhara Yoga and wove its way into the classes Lisa teaches: specialized classes of yoga, stories and dance. Find her in schools, community centres, daycares and yoga studios.


My Grade 1 class had an awesome time with Lisa! She was flexible and cooperative and was able to cater to the needs and abilities of my class. She taught dance with elements of yoga and helped the children explore movement with their bodies. I felt it was special that she started each visit by having the children send love and admiration out to someone, whether it be to a peer or to a family member and she closed each visit with a beautiful relaxation exercise. I look forward to having Lisa back in my class again next year! Cynthia Shan, Bayview Elementary
Lisa has an amazing way with children and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of yoga and dance. Her calm, creative energy is inspiring and her program was such a wonderful experience for our children! Anyone would be lucky to work with her! Jennifer Misquitta, Nootka Elementary
I have been working with Lisa for the past year in my Kindergarten class. She came in once a week to teach my students all about yoga and dance. Lisa's passion, inspiration and dedication to teaching yoga/dance to children makes our world a better place to be. Her classes are rich and engaging and she incorporates the mind, body and soul in fun and imaginative ways. Students learn how to move their bodies, how to work with their breath and how to relax (such important self-regulatory tools). I know my students always looked forward to their time with Lisa! Laura Clancy, Nootka Elementary

Project Examples

Sculpt a Dance

Students are led through an immersive and creative approach to learning how to choreograph a beautiful dance. Using hands-on techniques, children gain confidence and the necessary skills to move like a dancer. Through this technique, students are taught how to write a piece of choreography they can dance, repeat or teach to another. There is a performance option available at the end of the series.

Yoga Stories

A yoga story is a way to sequence a series of yoga poses in a manner that is simple and efficient. Students choose a collection of poses they are drawn too which they arrange into a flow. From this point they are encouraged to narrate a story complimenting the movement. This process is interspersed with fun activities to stretch our bodies, minds, hearts and voices. The end result is a yoga story they can offer to each other, teachers, and parents coupled with an increasing sense of self-confidence within the student.

Yoga Animals

A fun, imaginative look at the many things we can learn from animals in the world. Students are taught a small collection of yoga poses centered around animals and guided into movement exploring the animal's nature. Each pose has a benefit ranging from strength building to cultivating feelings of love and peace. A great introduction to the basics of yoga through music and dance, every class begins with warm-ups to get our bodies ready and ends with a relaxation exercise to give our bodies a chance to rest. This is a great class to have ongoing.

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