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Michael Allard

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Michael is an illustrator, animator and educator who has been teaching for over 30 years. He has taught preschoolers to adults individually, in groups and whole- school projects. He teaches the fine arts including drawing, painting, mixed media with found objects and printmaking - and the cartoon arts including illustration, drawn animations and stop motion. He always encourages the fundamentals in drawing, painting, composition and design in all projects while putting fun into his lessons. He tells his students their point of view is what they should strive to show the world - be your own artist!


Michael brings a high degree of creative energy and innovation to his visual arts teaching. The hallmarks of Michael's teaching are his thoughtful course planning, his fun and engaging project ideas that spark his students' imagination, and his enthusiasm for sharing his artistic passion. Michael creates a nurturing and supportive learning environment for all his students and they readily respond to his energizing and charismatic nature. Winnie Tam, Artspace Children's Art Centre
This art show was a fun school participation event that every single student contributed to. It showed our skill, not to view who was better than the other, but to show the difference in styles of art all over the world. Varying from surreal to collages, from watercolours to acrylics, we all had a wonderful experience painting these pictures. Grade 7 Student

Project Examples

Mixed Medium

Mixed medium projects give students the opportunity to experiment and combine different types of art materials and using those materials in different ways. They can then choose the medium that is right for their goals. Students will experiment with various drawing and painting techniques as well as collage to develop 3D surfaces showing the contrasts of the mediums. Photos, paper shapes, cardboard, pastels and paints will be incorporated into a project such as landscapes, foods, animals, or portraits.

Recyclable Personalities

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." Art can be made from common "left over" household materials. Young artists are shown that these recyclable items can be seen as a start to creating artwork not just garbage. One of the best ways for children to work with household containers, plastics, cardboard etc. is to have them make characters such as bugs, animals and exaggerated people. They will explore textures, colors and shapes of recyclables to make their art. Students learn to look at recyclable left over materials in a way that will transform them into something new.


Cartooning has a long history and is an important art form that has been around for thousands of years. It became popular in the 20th Century along with the film and newspaper industries. It is a fun way to express your simple or complex ideas and everyone can have success in drawing cartoons by following simple steps. They will begin by learning the fundamentals of the 3 basic shapes for various character types of people and animals as well as facial expressions and backgrounds. Students will then develop their own characters and backgrounds to bring life to their storytelling.

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