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Milton Randall

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Richmond
Languages: English

Percussionist Milton Randall began performing professionally at the age of 13, and has studied Brazilian and African music under recognized masters. He has performed with the Winnipeg and El Paso symphonies, and has appeared on national Mexican TV and CBC Radio. Milton uses his experience as a public school and university-level educator to communicate the magic of African and Latin drumming.


Milton's program was the catalyst that inspired me to create a drumming program at Woodbank Primary. We were interested in bilateral brain development, and the program offered hands-on musical experiences for our young learners. Without Milton's enthusiasm for experiential learning, students would not have had an instrument each. I cannot represent the joy that the children felt after their day with Milton. Sharyn Andruski-Collins, Vice Principal/Music Teacher, Ecole Hammond Bay
I have the job of booking entertainment for the year. As a teacher I am compelled to seek out and choose performances that are both high quality entertainment and educational. Mr Randall's drumming workshops are certainly both of these and then some. What is special about this opportunity is that each and every student is involved in the entertainment - in one day they get to learn how to play their own drum and then perform to an audience. Milton's skill on the drums is outstanding and, through his exceptional way of teaching and incorporating the students' drumming with his the gymnasium vibrates with an exciting energy. Other teachers and the students themselves used words like: amazing, fantastic, fun, exciting and wonderful to describe their thoughts on this day. Milton has such a positive energy and a very simple, effective way of holding all the students' attention there has not been any need for controlling poor behaviour. I have booked the Drum Workshop three times and each one has been successful. Karen Rose, Music Teacher, Southlands Elementary
As a teacher and administrator for the past 18 years, I have watched many artistic presentations. Mr Randall is, in my view, the finest performer and clinician I have ever worked with in a school context. Fabulous musicianship coupled with infectious energy creates a learning environment in which students are inspired and thoroughly engaged. By connecting musical concepts with everyday language or phrases, syncopated rhythms become manageable and easily executed by young musicians. In all of his school performances, Mr Randall culminates his work with students with a final performance demonstrating what has been learned. The quality of this finale is always stunning and reflects a teacher and performer who understands his students and his audience ... I have no hesitation in recommending Milton Randall to colleagues because he is a consummate professional who is clearly passionate about drumming the capacity of music to shape how people communicate. Sean Della Vedova, Principal, Ecole Nestor Elementary

Performances & Workshops

Only Availible until June 30th

Full-Day Workshop

Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 1 day
Capacity: Up to 150 students per 45 - 90 mins. session
Tech Requirements: Help loading/unloading, secure storage
Fee Range: $695 - $895 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Milton's hands-on drumming workshops centre on the culture and music he learned while living in the remote Volta region in Ghana, West Africa. He starts by showing how the drums are a form of language and uses this theme to work in African, Brazilian and other forms of popular rhythms. The entire student body learns age-appropriate drumming and dance. The day ends in an audience participation performance by the oldest students, and culminates in a huge conga line. Milton has excellent classroom management skills and gets students laughing and drumming throughout the day.

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