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Nikola Tosic

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Nikola is a trumpet player, composer and workshop facilitator. He received his BA/MA at the Royal Conservatory in the Netherlands. As a performer, he has been active in various music ensembles and contemporary dance circles (NDT, Korzo.) As a project leader, he has worked extensively with all levels of students in the Netherlands, South Africa and Serbia, including collaborations with renowned institutions (Muziek Centrum van Omroep, Saariaho Festival, Theatre Institute of Netherlands, Royal Conservatory, Black Market Theatre). Above all, he is a passionate music fan, dedicated to facilitating collaborative music creating by young people.


Nikola is a warm, compassionate, creative and flexible workshop leader/musician, and is capable of working with young people in very different circumstances. Monique van Hinte, Theatre Director, Cabbizar, The Netherlands
Nikola stood out for the wonderful interaction he made with the students. He knew exactly how to fit in the goals I wanted to be part of the project. Cecile Schijfelen, Music Teacher, Haganum, The Hague
Nikola was an excellent 'ambassador' to make the connection between the professional musicians and the students. Iris Oltheten, Project Coordinator, Muziek Centrum van Omroep

Project Examples

Discovery Re-Make!

This workshop is a creative approach to learning more about a piece of music, a composer/songwriter or a type of music. The starting points are small fragments of existing repertoire, essentially focusing on a couple of music elements, upon which other elements can be layered or added. The outcome and objectives are similar to the Creative Challenge! workshop, the uniqueness of the composition rooted in the musical context. This process is a fun and inspiring way to introduce and combine various genres (especially 'serious' and 'strange' music). Suitable for grades 4 - 12.

Creative Challenge!

This workshop is based on the belief that anyone and everyone can make music. The starting point for this creative scenario is a concept or theme tailored to a unique learning context (e.g. northern lights, life cycle, a collective experience). The students are encouraged to explore and think like a community of artists, and to work together in order to achieve a shared goal. The outcome is an original piece of music, performed for an audience and/or recorded. Additional learning includes independent exploration, leadership, creative group dynamics, time constraints, making variations, listening and refining. Suitable for grades 4 - 12.

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