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Shameless Hussy Productions

Discipline: Theatre
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

With a mandate for "telling provocative stories about women to inspire the hand that rocks the cradle to rock the world", Vancouver's Shameless Hussy Productions put HERSTORY to the forefront. We search for and create work that provokes a deeper understanding of women's past, present and potential - and bring it roaring onto the stages across Canada and the US.


There's nothing funny about drink spiking and sexual assault, but Meghan Gardiner has brilliantly created a highly entertaining dark comedy that plays out like a Saturday Night Live skit. Katie Bennison, CTV
Every teenaged girl and boy - straight or gay - needs to know what this play is about. Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier
Sharp, funny, very contemporary - the actress is a shape-shifter extra-ordinaire! Elizabeth Paterson, Review Vancouver

Performances & Workshops

Only Availible until June 30th


Grade Suitability: Grade 9 - 12
Duration: 45 mins. + 15 mins. talkback
Capacity: 500 students
Fee Range: $720 - $820 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Dissolve follows a college girl on a night out, morphing between a flurry of characters, both comedic and compelling, but with varying degrees of compassion. Night turns to morning, and "anygirl" awakens from her ordeal as a disoriented yet brave survivor. Designed to provoke thought and dialogue around the ideas of date rape and consent, Dissolve transcends the audience, ultimately challenging us to change our thinking and behaviour surrounding alcohol, drugs and sexual assault.

Love Bomb

Grade Suitability: Grade 9 - 12
Duration: 65 mins. + 15 mins. talkback
Capacity: 500 students
Tech Requirements: Sound system, four students to load in and out
Fee Range: $820 - $920 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Our original musical, Love Bomb, written by Meghan Gardiner (Book and Lyrics) with Steve Charles (Music) is a 65-minute play that confronts the sex trafficking industry in Canada. This production earned two 2016 Ovation Awards for "Outstanding Production" and "Outstanding Lead Actress" and was nominated for a Jessie Richardson award for best musical. Love Bomb follows a mother's search for her missing, teenaged daughter. Along the way, she encounters the newest You Tube sensation, Justine Chambers. The lyrics to Justine's hit song, Missing the Point, hit close to home for the mom, and she follows the musical clues to uncover her daughter's mysterious disappearance. The characters depicted may be fictional; however, much of the play's content is pulled from real life cases. Through dedicated research, Gardiner worked with police and Crown prosecutors to create the details of the script. This aspect of the play makes it a well-received crime prevention tool, as well as a poignant one.

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