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Sharon Stearns

Discipline: Theatre, Writing
Homebase: Dunster
Languages: English

I am a playwright, actor, dramaturge and producer. I've worked with theatre companies across Canada and also work as a freelance writer. My short fiction has appeared in literary magazines, anthologies and my documentaries and radio plays have been produced by CBC Radio. As artistic producer of Wishbone Theatre Productions, I develop and produce new plays and musical events. Since 1997 I have taught theatre and creative writing, both privately and in the BC school system. Through ArtStarts, I offer artist residency programs in acting, collective theatre creation and creative writing. Member of Actors Equity, Playwrights Guild, BC Federation of Writers.


Sharon has been a guiding light for those engaged in the development of original Canadian drama and a tireless crusader for theatre arts in Canada. Sandra M. Nicholls, Associate Professor of Drama, University of Alberta

Project Examples

Creative Writing

Working with a specific theme (i.e. environmental, historical, cultural, social justice) I teach creative writing using journaling & storytelling techniques, themed writing exercises and writing games. Much of the focus in my creative writing programs is on developing characters and dramatic monologues.

Acting and Theatre Skills

Working with a specific theme (i.e. historical, social justice, cultural, environmental) I teach basic acting skills - how to develop characters and portray them on stage, body movement and expression, vocal skills, working collaboratively to create a story, storytelling and improvisation.

Collective Theatre Creation

A theme that resonates within the community (i.e. environmental, social justice, historical, cultural) is chosen and I work with the students guiding them to develop characters and story and shaping it into a structured dramatic form. The work is then presented to the school, family and outside community members.

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