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Trent Arterberry in the Classroom

Discipline: Theatre
Homebase: Sooke
Languages: English

Trent Arterberry is an award-winning performing artist whose unique brand of physical theatre combines masterful mime, poignant monologue, comedic speaking characters and dramatic narratives. Arterberry is currently touring across the US and Canada to schools, community theatres, festivals and libraries with three different one-man shows. Trent, who trained with the legendary Marcel Marceau, offers residencies in mime and drama to schools in the capital region. His most recent residency involved creating and staging a physical theatre play based on the children's book Ferdinand the Bull. Arterberry also offers single workshops in conjunction with performances.


In the Spring of 2013, I approached Trent Arterberry over the possibility of a 10-day artist in residency at Lakewood Elementary School (460 students). For over 10 days Trent worked with 39 Grade 5 students, demonstrating his vision for 10 mime scenes, framed by simple narration. He adapted my initial script into a fast paced 30-minute piece of theatre, alternatively mimed and narrated; in turn, moving, funny and ultimately satisfying. His touch with the students was, at times, almost collegial as they worked toward a shared but always negotiable vision. He managed to get the best out of them as performers by modeling, well-earned praise or simple firm direction when time proved pressing. The whole project was best summed up by an experienced, but known-to-be highly critical colleague, after the final show. 'Now that,' she cooed, 'was just superb.' I really cannot recommend Trent highly enough. Phil Duchene, Instructor of Drama Education, University of Victoria
Trent, I want to thank you again for all your work with the students. They will be forever shaped by what you've done - whether it's Bryony in the spotlight or Anna sitting on the sidelines, they all pushed themselves to new places. Danny Buchanan, Teacher, West-Mont School
Trent, you are immensely talented and we are so lucky to have you working with the school. I learn something every time we work together. Erin Eisenberg, Teacher, West-Mont School

Project Examples

Trees of Peace

Writing and staging with elementary students, an adaption of the autobiography of Wangari Maathai, with issues around racial and gender discrimination, environmentalism and social justice.

Mufasa Plays Hockey

A staging of this play by Canadian playwright, Chris Craddock, with middle school students, dealing with issues of immigration and racial discrimination.

Stories in Motion

Directing secondary drama students in creating and performing a children's show for an elementary audience.

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