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Trina Rasmuson

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Kimberley
Languages: English

Trina Rasmuson has been a professional dance artist for 27 years. Currently she divides her creative energy between Bird Soul Productions, where she choreographs and produces vertical dance and teaching dance at the Kimberley Independent School. Previously, she spent 17 years directing a modern dance company in Calgary, AB. Creating open environments for learning is her passion when performing, creating or teaching. Each student or situation is unique, respect for that is a priority.


Ms Rasmuson is dedicated, passionate and extremely enthusiastic about learning through dance, movement and music. Ms Rasmuson ensured total engagement of her groups and provided an experience that incorporated the whole child; what a wonderful, powerful way to provide a successful learning journey. Michelle Sartorel, Principal, Gordon Terrace Elementary

Project Examples

Tailor-made Residency

Residencies can incorporate any number of goals using creative movement to beginner hip-hop. I tailor the residency to suit the student's and teacher's wishes. I particularly enjoy incorporating other curriculum (e.g math) while still giving all students a solid, positive experience in movement and dance. I create a cooperative and inclusive atmosphere while also moving between high and low energies. Fun and acceptance of our own unique movement styles is the primary goal.

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