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Troy McLaughlin

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: West Vancouver
Languages: English

Troy holds a BFA in Jazz Dance and Choreography from the University of the Arts. Performance highlights include Disney's The Lion King, The Rockettes and Starlight Express. He's choreographed for musicals, TV/film and dance companies worldwide. Troy's BopShop has given the gift of dance to kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and beyond. Some of these kids take dance outside of school but most don't and would never be exposed to it or try it if they did not have the BopShop in-school experience.


Troy has had a tremendously positive effect on our students by exposing them to dance; an opportunity that many of them may not have otherwise experienced. He has a personable, approachable manner with the children and he manages to motivate them to participate (even the reluctant ones!) with his passion for his craft. The students greatly anticipate and love the Dance Week with Troy and their parents rave about the final show. We will invite Troy back to our school for as long as the opportunity presents itself. The choreography is always fresh and we never tire of the process and the product. I highly recommend this experience to everyone I know connected with education. Suzanne Seward, Westview Elementary
Troy led two residencies with all our students from Kindergarten up. Troy spent a lot of time with me discussing our project beforehand and gave significant thought to our school goals and needs. The students truly enjoyed their dance workshops. Troy's BopShop brought skills and passion to our school. The students learned choreography and performing skills. They were proud to demonstrate their learning to their parents and guests at our final performance at the end of the project. Spectators were amazed at the results of a limited residency (6-7 days). Troy has the ability to reach students and to capture their imagination. Chantal Trudeau Principal, École Pauline Johnson

Project Examples

Body Percussion Shop

Students clap, snap, slap, and tap their way to grooving rhythms and fun dances. In this residency, students learn to use their bodies as percussive instruments. It's fun dancing to and with music but even more fun when you make the music! Over the minimum course of 5 days, students learn a warm up and core patterns and rhythms that will help create a dance and music. Dances are set to appropriate and fun music and sometimes done acapella. At the end of the residency students share their work in a school-wide performance enjoyed by family and friends

Creative Movement and Choreography

Over the minimum course of 10 days students are introduced to the challenge of making an idea into a dance! Students learn a warm up and start with a base of movement or idea which expands into a full, short dance that can express anything from global warming to cultural differences to food choices. This works well with schools that have a school-wide unit of study (i.e. inter baccalaureate schools). At the end of the residency students share their work in a school-wide performance enjoyed by family and friends.

Hip Hop Shop

Over the minimum course of 5 days students learn warm ups, hip hop fundamentals (grooves, top rocks, twist-o-flex, etc.), and basic floor work to appropriate and popular hip hop music. At the end of the residency students perform a short dance in a school-wide show case of Dance sharing. Through rhythm, moves, music, and energy students grow in the process of learning the dance, many times creating their own moves from what they've learned. Friends and family of course enjoy the final product most.

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