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Uma Sharda

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Surrey
Languages: English

Uma Sharda is a visual artist and graphic designer, trained at Emily Carr. Uma has worked in elementary school classrooms teaching a variety of lessons, such as creating comic book covers, using oil pastels and constructing dioramas. Uma has worked with communities to create a variety of public art projects, murals and art events. Her cultural background is of Indo-Canadian decent; she is born and raised in Kitimat, BC but currently lives in Surrey.


I collaborated with Uma Sharda on an art project for my Grade 3 class. We worked together for two months to create and implement a cross curricular project integrating science, math, language arts, visual arts and personal planning. She easily adapted into a classroom environment and moved from group to group. Uma was flexible in the scheduling of sessions and with classroom interruptions. The lessons were relevant and current. She interacted well with the students adapting content and assessing artistic ability of the varying capabilities of the students. We received a lot of positive feedback from parents, students, staff and administration in the school. I would highly recommend Uma to work in a school environment, as it seems like a natural fit. She creates engaging art projects with a friendly and professional demeanor. Suparsha Sharda, Grade 3 Teacher
Uma is a true professional. I enjoyed my interactions with Uma at SEEDS and was very impressed by not only her talent in the graphic design area but her business savvy skills. Uma has what all graphic designers need: creativity balanced with true beauty of art. Uma is an artist. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business looking for creative assistance. Barbara Smith, SEEDS Instructor

Project Examples

Designing Logos or Graphics

Work with classroom teachers to create budget and quantity/size and use of designed items. Designs will be sent to a commercial printer and design can be started using drawing materials but design will need to be digitized to be sent to printer. Lessons will be on logo creation, elements of design, prepress files for different printers (formats), and marketing (incorporating designed promotions into a marketing campaign).

Class or Hallway Banners or Murals

Work with teachers and administrators to develop a theme significant to the classroom or grade. Subjects and themes may include school spirit, local history, pop culture, and science or math concepts. Additionally, the theme may be teamwork and selecting a specific group of students to get the chance to work together in an artistic fashion. Multiple or single banners or a mural can be made and the size will be determined by desired exposure, permanency and budget. Mixed media workshops presented class by class to introduce students to concept, subject and effective visual art techniques. This will allow students to brainstorm and experiment with the materials before committing to the final piece(s). Photos of past projects can be seen at

Comic Book, Cartooning, Video Game Character Workshops

Work with students to create portions of or a complete comic book or comic strip. The workshops can focus on -figure drawing and dynamic layouts for characters on a comic book cover -layouts for panels and driving a narrative (how to create visual storytelling) -making a diorama where the background and characters can be repositioned -Make yourself or someone you know into a cartoon/video game character or superhero from a photograph

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