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Valerie Pugh

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Coquitlam
Languages: English

Valerie Pugh conducts whole school large-scale collaborative ceramic mural projects. She currently teaches full time in the Foundations Program at the Art Institute of Vancouver, and has taught with Arts Umbrella, BCATC conferences and in The Emily Carr University of Art and Design Outreach programs.

Project Examples

Pattern tile Project

Exploration of one colour patterns to produce a single tile image suitable for hanging or as a trivet. This project can be coordinated with cultural and/or historical pattern and tessellation styles.

Whole School Ceramic Tile mural

Valerie Pugh's drawing, tile and ceramic workshops link cooperative, collective activity with curriculum focused objectives, developed in consultation with teaching staff. Working directly with school Administration, Teachers, and Parent committees, whole school, visually informative themes are defined in advance of classroom work. Instructional preparation, construction processes, in-class schedules and timelines are provided to allow for teachers to integrate the mural project into other learning objectives. In-class work will take approximately one hour for each class. All working materials will be supplied, except for paper towels. Once completed, tiles will be dried in the class on racks overnight, then moved off-site to be fired. When firing is complete, all tiles will be returned to the school for installation. Glaze is permanent and durable for indoor installation. There will be an additional tile charge for exterior frost proof tile. Project can be adjusted for single class "take home" tile projects.

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