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Vesta Education

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Theatre
Homebase: Vancouver Island
Languages: English, French

Now in our third year with ArtStarts, Vesta provides exciting classroom lectures, lesson plans and demonstrations to integrate alternative ways of learning into all curricular concepts. We collaborate with teachers on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland to link circus to math, science, language arts, and of course, arts and healthy living! We work together with you to create and adapt lesson plans that directly link to the new BC curricula. Collaborate with us - a social worker, education specialists and professional circus performers! Vesta continues to bring joy to thousands of children around the world - we often bring our program internationally on Social Circus projects (Burma, Thailand, China). Fully insured and professional, our programs are designed to be experiential, inclusive and adaptive - and most of all, FUN! Contact us now to integrate joy into the new curricula!


Thanks so much for your performance and workshops yesterday. It was so professional and at the same time very accessible to my students. Your colleagues were fantastic with the students. We all loved Vesta's show! The idea of a whole school show coupled with workshops is excellent. Roger Duval, Central Middle School
VestaFire provided perfect entertainment for our school's Family Fun Night. Children and adults alike were thrilled to try out the stilts and hoops in the flow zone and we were very impressed with the stilt dancers in our music area. Having children in your troupe offers a good way for other kids to engage with the props and not feel intimidated. Thanks so much for being part of our special night! Kerri Orser, South Wellington Elementary School PAC
The Vesta circus performers came to our school in early June 2014. They started off our morning with a bang! Both staff and students were amazed at the quality of this performance and there were many whispers of 'How did they do that?' We enjoyed the humour and skill of all the performers (although I must admit I hid my eyes a few times when he was juggling with knives!) They were able to engage all students from Kindergarten to grade 7. The stunning LED and fiber optic effects had the students in awe and they continue to practice their own hula hoop skills at recess times. This was a thoroughly enjoyable performance! Shona Sneddon, Vice Principal, Coal Tyee School

Project Examples

Stilting Fun

Vesta is a vibrant stilt dance performance troupe- and your students can also be up and walking about - even dancing - unassisted by the end of the session! This is the perfect small group workshop to promote self confidence, teamwork and peer to peer encouragement. We go through safety and rules, warm up and then up on stilts! We have peg, drywall and bouncy style stilts for every athletic ability. Workshop can be done outside on the grass (weather permitting) or in the gym. All students must have a bike helmet; all other equipment is provided.

Circus Extravaganza

Do your students wish they could run away and join the circus? Vesta will come for 7-10 days and co-create an experiential project, where the children join in the final show! The first few days will be similar to Circus Day, and then we really start to focus on the children's skills and interests, working with them to create group routines that focus on teamwork, supportive encouragement and FUN! This is a fully collaborative option to integrate the arts into the curriculum, and for Vesta to co-create with both the faculty and students.

Circus Day

The full day program begins with an inspiring show presented by our troupe to the whole school. We introduce ourselves, and entertain the children with clown and beautiful demonstrations of skill, and then dim the lights to perform the finale with our LED lit props. The children then return to their classrooms, and we move into 1 to 1 ½ hour workshops, teaching in stations, the props demonstrated at the morning show. Depending on the age of the children, we adapt the length of time in each station; less time for younger children, more time for older children. For example, in a one hour block for younger children (grades 1-3) we can teach 15 min tasters in 3 props, while for grades 4-12 we can do 25 min sessions on two props. Prop options are: Hula Hoop, Staff, Poi, Juggling, Contact Juggling, and Clown Games. Length of workshops and type of props taught can vary to adapt to your schools schedule; we are happy to collaborate on how best to suit your needs. All props and equipment are provided. We have many ideas and options on how to integrate our artistic practice into your curriculum. This program is easily adaptable to an hour or full day time slot.

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