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August 31, 2015

Register Now for Pro-D Workshop! Making Spaces: Transforming a Classroom Through the Creative Process

We're pleased to announce a new professional development event for BC teachers taking place on the province-wide Pro-D Day on Friday, October 23, 2015. Register now to attend Making Spaces: Transforming a Classroom Through the Creative Process, an arts integration professional development workshop for teachers at the ArtStarts Gallery and Resource Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Is a classroom ever just a classroom? ArtStarts invites teachers to take part in an experiential professional development event on October 23, 2015, that will explore how to you can transform your students' learning experience through the creative process. Making Spaces is a full day at the ArtStarts Gallery that will engage your creativity with two hands-on workshops, while exploring arts integration as an approach to teaching.

All participants will take part in two workshops:

Workshop #1
Documenting the Hard-to-Document: Zine Making with Tin Can Studio

Education and learning can happen both in and out of the classroom, sometimes even in unusual settings. Capturing and documenting the process of learning in these contexts can be a challenge. Zines, or do-it-yourself magazines, are a great way to tie in a variety of visual and language based artwork to tell that story. They also provide an ideal introduction to the creative process because they are simple and inexpensive, don't require special equipment or special skills, and can be adapted to any age group or ability level. Learn about the origin of self-published zines and work together to create your own in this fun interactive workshop.

About the Workshop Facilitators: Tin Can Studio is a multi-purpose mobile project space, housed in an 18-foot vintage trailer. Created and facilitated by multi-disciplinary artists Jenny Lee Craig and Caroline Ballhorn, Tin Can Studio works with schools, museums, event coordinators and more to deliver engaging interactive and creative programming.

Workshop #2
Gallery as Classroom, Classroom as Gallery with Elfred Matining

What do galleries and classrooms have in common? Put on your curatorial hat and investigate the connections between these two dynamic spaces where experiential learning comes alive. Navigate from the history of museums to examples of innovative contemporary spaces, while gaining insight into the curatorial process of the ArtStarts Gallery. You will also have the opportunity to put these ideas into practice through a hands-on activity.

About the Workshop Facilitator: Elfred Matining is the Program Manager at ArtStarts who oversees Infusion professional development opportunities for teachers and artists. With a background in business, design and visual arts, Elfred is the Associate Director for Wil Aballe Art Projects, a Vancouver-based commercial gallery. Graduating from Emily Carr University, Elfred maintains his art practice as an installation artist exploring ideas of memory through lighting and found objects.

Here are some comments from participants at ArtStarts' professional development event for teachers last October:

  • "I appreciate the reminder that art can be used as a tool to express learning. Paper and pencil need not dominate our classrooms."
  • "Today's Pro-D helped cement my belief in art as a valuable process for students and teachers. More time needs to be dedicated to the pursuit of artistic thinking and being in this frenetic world of 'busy'!"
  • "With the BC Ministry of Education moving towards an Arts Education model, I welcomed the opportunity to explore a cross-curricular approach to incorporating arts with classroom subject areas."


Who should attend?

This professional development event ideal for Grade 3-8 teachers, but is relevant for all teachers of any grade/subject who are interested in bringing in an arts integrated approach into their classrooms.


Register now!

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