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Alison Beaumont

Discipline: Film / Video, Visual Arts
Homebase: Lake Country
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 212-8553 , Email , Web

Alison Beaumont is a visual artist using contemporary approaches to facilitate and create art, having formal training in photographic techniques (analogue and digital) through a BA Hons in Photography, she has well-developed technological skills and experience of teaching digital photography. Through her work she utilizes photography, video, sound, assemblage and installation to develop art experiences. The primary focus of her art practice is to explore relationships between visual encounters of place and the effects of differing accompanying sound, often creating work that engages audience through choice within art experience. Alison also engages documentary photography as a practice for therapeutic image sharing, images as a vehicle to start dialogue and allow self-expression of viewpoints, emotions and reactions.


It is important to note that Alison is comfortable to present in front of students, and aptly understands how to hold student attention and offer a good balance of engaging activities. Alison does not assume the limits of what the students are capable of, nor a preconception of what students may create. In this way, she enables artistic process in others. Pippa Dean-Veerman

Project Examples

"A Winter Gathering" - Lake Country Art Gallery/Oyama Traditional School

As a member of the Lake Country Art Gallery an opportunity arose to work with the Oyama Traditional School (OTS) grade 3 class taught by Pippa Dean Veerman. Each year the gallery hosts a community exhibition, for 2020 it was "A Winter Gathering" we were asked to create art installations from which artists and community could build on during the exhibition. Over 3 months had weekly sessions of 1-2 hours, jointly facilitated with grade 3 staff in the following areas: -Connection: Visited Wood Lake, time in nature, introducing concepts for the exhibition "Winter", "Gathering" and "Interconnectedness", later used "brain dumps" to solidify themes for art works. -Approaches to Art: Provided students multiple opportunities to see other artists work and a spectrum of mediums for presenting art. -Idea generation: Students used sketchbooks/on iPads to record ideas, time outdoors reflecting, activities to elicit connections and build collaboration between students. Students created a "winter gathering", walked to a nearby beach, had a campfire, used found objects, and performed improvised tales. -Installation: One week to create art for the exhibition (pastel on walls, video, animation, weaving, found objects, felting). Using students' video, photographs and sound recordings, I created a 10-minute video representing their beach gathering. Time limitations meant I was unable to have students in editing. -During show: A some students with parents organized a gathering with hot chocolate. At the opening students, parents and grandparents attended. Pippa and I spoke to community about the collaboration, I read a pre-prepared speech from a student.

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