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Alison Beaumont

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Lake Country
Regions Available: Interior, Remote, Kootenays, Virtual
Languages: English
Themes: Mental Health, Climate Change and/or Environmentalism
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Alison Beaumont is a visual artist using contemporary approaches to facilitate and create art, having formal training in photographic techniques (analogue and digital) through a BA Hons in Photography, she has well-developed technological skills and experience of teaching digital photography. Through her work she utilizes photography, video, sound, assemblage and installation to develop art experiences. The primary focus of her art practice is to explore relationships between visual encounters of place and the effects of differing accompanying sound, often creating work that engages audience through choice within art experience. Alison also engages documentary photography as a practice for therapeutic image sharing, images as a vehicle to start dialogue and allow self-expression of viewpoints, emotions and reactions.

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: (250) 212-8553, Email, Web


School Year: 22-23

As the Earth continues to warm, the effects are felt by the human and non-human inhabitants. Climatography is a series of explorations with Artist Alison Beaumont into students lived experiences of the effects of the climate crisis on their experiences. Using the mediums of photography, students embark on a journey into inquiry based ideation, taking an in breath. The in breath, is time for students to examine their local environment, noticing, collaborartively building themes and idea streams, opportunities to also research the climate crisis, examining existing artists work and learning different approaches to photographic image making (documentary, abstract, constructed) . Students will be provided activities that develop photographic skills using a mindful photography approach, slow looking. The culmination of the residency is an opportunity for students to imagine and define their themes related to climate. How they might express their message for social change? Group collaboration is encouraged as students use photographs to build their messages and perspectives. These individual images build into a collective exhibition, which can be shared within the school community, online or beyond. This is a collaborative project where each time the residency is run there will be different outcomes, themes are student led and the hope is to empower students to see the potential impact they can have in changing perceptions of the climate crisis.

Testimonials & Reviews

It is important to note that Alison is comfortable to present in front of students, and aptly understands how to hold student attention and offer a good balance of engaging activities. Alison does not assume the limits of what the students are capable of, nor a preconception of what students may create. In this way, she enables artistic process in others. Pippa Dean-Veerman

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