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ArtStarts provides practical resources for educators and artists. It's part of our mission!

A blue circle with the words 'online resources for teacers'
a series of coloured tiles detailing the levels of arts-integrated curriculum Arts in Education: How is art taught in schools? What is arts integration? Discover the answers to these questions and more.
A collage of documents Study Guides and Know-Wonder-Learn Charts: Learn more about the artists coming to your school and discover activities for your students before, during and after your school performance.
Young people in a classroom Projects funded by Artists in the Classroom Grants: Would you like to bring an artist into your classroom, but are not sure where to start? Spark your inspiration by learning more about projects supported by AIC grants.
A doodle of a stick figure reading from a piece of paper Communications Kit for AIC Grant Projects: How to introduce the artist residency and the Artists in the Classroom grant, helpful links and more.
A doodle of a stick figure with a light bulb above their head Key Definitions: Terms frequently used by ArtStarts include Professional Artist, Emerging Artist, Arts Integration and Modes of Arts in Education.
A doodle of a stick figure reading from a piece of paper Communications Kit for School Performances: How to introduce a touring artist performing in your school or community, helpful links and more.
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A group of young learners sitting on the floor ArtStarts Gallery: Canada's only free, public gallery in exclusively dedicated to young people's art is an invaluable resource for learning more about arts integration. Guided tours (with or without hands-on workshops) are also available for schools, camps or other groups.
The ArtStarts Gallery space Virtual Gallery: If you can't visit the ArtStarts Gallery in person, explore all our exhibitions online. View photos from each exhibition since the gallery opened in 2006 and watch videos for many recent exhibitions that dive into each project in depth. You can also explore all projects by theme.
A bookshelf in the ArtStarts Gallery Resource Hub: ArtStarts recommends a collection of books on many topics of interest, including Creativity, Arts Integration, and more.
A blue circle with the words 'stories of interest'
A group of young people posing with woven belts Guest Blogs: Read stories from teachers and artists from across BC who are bringing learning alive for young people in and through the arts.
A carving of a fish AIC Advice: Discover tips and inspiration as you prepare your own Artists in the Classroom grant application.
Three educators painting ArtStarts offers professional development in arts integration for both educators and artists.