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Gallery Sponsorship

Art + Education + Young People

ArtStarts is currently looking for a new sponsor to activate the ArtStarts Gallery—the only free, public gallery in Canada exclusively dedicated to young people's art.

The ArtStarts Gallery inspires:

  • Young people by providing them with the thrill of seeing their own work, or the work of their peers, on the walls of a professional gallery
  • Educators by offering tangible examples of how to effectively integrate art into the classroom
  • Artists by showcasing what is possible when they collaborate with children and teachers in schools
  • Families by giving them a space to engage in hands-on artistic experiences together
  • We absolutely love this place! My five year old son wants to touch and feel the artwork and wondered how he can make that, too! Parent
  • Super duper very awesome. Gallery Visitor
  • The arts offer a window into learning and open creativity to a child. Children are more engaged when they’re learning though the arts. Artist
  • My favourite part was seeing my art. Student
  • If we are creative and artistic during our childhood, we have more experience in expressing ourselves and finding ourselves. It builds up confidence and independence. Grade 9 Student
  • Art helps young people find their voice. It puts you out there to create something that comes entirely from yourself – I don’t know if there is anything else that does that. Charlotte Kingston
  • Talking about the different plants was a great connection to the Social Studies curriculum in relation to Aboriginal relationship with their environment. Students loved making the prints. Teacher
A young person points up to an installation of books mounted onto cardboard pillars

Sponsorship Details

Your sponsorship will ignite a passion for the arts and a passion for learning. With your sponsorship we can invest in creativity together and accomplish the following:
  • Feature artwork created by young people across BC in 2-3 professionally mounted exhibitions per year.
  • Publish an exhibition catalogue to share the benefits of arts integrated learning with others and inspire more communities to get involved.
  • Create a virtual gallery to invite online participation from other communities.
  • Engage families in hands-on arts experiences through free weekend programming.
  • Develop gallery tours that make connections to the Ministry of Education’s new curriculum.
  • Host free community events on key dates such as Family Day, National Aboriginal Day, Canada Day.
Your sponsorship will be recognized by ArtStarts in alignment with your contribution and your organization's objectives.
A group of young people and an adult circle around an art project on the floor of the ArtStarts Gallery

Fun Facts

  • The ArtStarts Gallery is the only free, public gallery in Canada exclusively dedicated to young people’s art.
  • Featured artwork is made by young people in Kindergarten to Grade 12 in urban, rural and remote schools across BC.
  • The Gallery opened in 2006 and to date, 24 exhibitions of young people’s art have been featured.
  • Admission is free and all ages are welcome.
  • Free gallery tours are regularly offered.
  • Group tours can be booked by school groups and other organizations and can include an interactive workshop.
  • Every exhibition is professionally photographed and documented on our website, and recent exhibitions include a virtual tour with a young person as your virtual guide.
A person's hands holding a painting in rainbow colours with the letters 'RAIN' stamped on vertically

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A young person sings into a microphone while an adult is crouched next to them in the ArtStarts Gallery

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