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ArtStarts Ignites Residency Program

The ArtStarts Ignites Residency Program will be on hiatus in 2024. To stay updated with future residency opportunities, sign up for our Artist Newsletter.

ArtStarts Ignites is a dynamic residency program that offers early career artists time, space, and resources to develop their artistic portfolio in an educational context.

The residency program offers a series of mentorship opportunities to support the artists’ professional development, including sessions on accessibility, workshop facilitation, grant writing, and more. Every year, the residency program also centres around a different focus area, offering artists from all disciplines opportunities to increase their capacity as artists in a supportive learning environment.

Learn more about Past Artists

Interested in learning more about our past residency artists? Click on the images below to find out what some of our artists have been learning, creating, and exploring through this residency.

  • ArtStarts’ Ignites residency was an expansive experience. The supportive community at ArtStarts and structure of the residency expanded my view of my own practice. I felt encouraged to try new things and emphasize the process of creation. I am very grateful for these lessons and excited to hold this experience as I continue creating! Megan Dewar, 2023 Ignites Artist
  • ArtStarts allowed me to dive into a meaningful project which I otherwise would not have been able to dedicate time to. It was also wonderful to engage with the other artists' concepts and discussions. This residency has left me feeling ignited with the desire to continue to be inspired by the question “what if”? Laura Rechwan, 2023 Ignites Artist
A photo of Megan Dewar in a circular frame on top of an image of a BC landscape including trees, a river, and the mountains

2023 Residency - Megan Dewar

A photo of Laura Rechwan in a circular frame on top of an image of a BC landscape including trees, a river, and the mountains

2023 Residency - Laura Rechwan

A self portrait of ArtStarts Ignites Resident Sarah U

2022 Residency - Sarah U

Overlapping images of ships in the Burrard Inlet

2022 Residency - Paige Smith

Faune Ybarra ArtStarts artist in residence stands in the ArtStarts Maker Space

2020 Residency - Faune Ybarra

Romi Kim lies on a rock and wears a big smile on their face

2019 Residency - Romi Kim

Tin Gamboa in a dance studio. They are leaning backwards with their arm extended in the air

2018 Residency - Tin Gamboa