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Amanda Hugon

Discipline: Storytelling, Visual Arts
Homebase: Terrace
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 635-0096 , Email

Amanda Dionne Hugon was born in Chilliwack, BC on January 15th, 1982. She is a Northwest Coast Artist of the Sto;Lo Nation and Metis Ancestry. She graduated with honours from the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art. Amanda is actively involved in her community of Terrace. She is an active Terrace Art Gallery member, a 8 year scouter with the 1st Terrace troop of Scouts Canada & a Terrace Public Library board member. Amanda has been a guest artist within the school district and has so much fun teaching the youth new and exciting things to do with the First Nations culture. You can see some of Amanda's permanent installations of her works at a few locations around Terrace; 50th anniversary painted plaque for the Terrace Public Library, A 6 piece painted box rendition at the Northwest Community Collage Library which also won 2nd place for the Presidents Choice award 2017, a mural for BC parks in collaboration with French Canadian Artist; Marie Christine Claveau which is in the newest building at Furlong Bay provincial park campground. Amanda is a mother of 1 and wife of a very supportive and loving husband. Hugon currently lives in a cozy bungalow that sits parallel to the Skeena River in Terrace, B.C. Amanda believes that every child is an artist, and hopes to find that artist in everyone she teaches.


Amanda Hugon has worked with students in my high school class for two longer term projects. She has a wonderful way about her that makes people around her comfortable as she connects with students. She is clearly knowledgeable and confident in her area of expertise, and is very open to share her artistic journey and process with the class. Amanda inspires and engages both first nations and non-first nation students in cultural content, helping them find personal connections to the artwork she guides them through their art creation. She creatively draws on her personal experience with both traditional art forms and contemporary mixed media expression. Organized and well-prepared, she often thinks ahead and brings in samples or relevant projects she is working on. It has been wonderful having her in the class and I would definitely recommend her to other schools. Collette Stewart, Grade 10-12 Art Teacher, Caledonia Secondary School, Terrace, B.C.
Amanda has the experience to help spread the love of Northwest Coast Art, working with the youth is something Amanda enjoys to do, we are happy with the work Amanda Has put into dedicating her art to teaching the youth and spread the awareness of our culture in Northwest Coast Art Stan Bevan; Artist and Instructor at Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art

Project Examples

Block Print Stamp

I introduce Northwest Coast Art shapes to a group of First Nations students. We use basic shapes and formlines to create a design that is simple to carve to create a stamp with rubber Lino. We discuss how to create a positive and a negative image using the same design, and the process to do so in carving the design out. Once I approve their design the students carved it out, and inked it with black ink onto paper and material. We also explore with colours and patterns. The stamp is reusable and can be used on useful items such as bags, pillows, cards and clothing.

Crest Designs

This project included introduction to Northwest Coast design Elements - ovoids - U shapes - Salmon trout heads - crest design heads - full bodied animals - We then created the animal or crest design of choice and created the basic formline image from studying from an image of a real animal. After drawing we transferred our beat design to canvas and painted it with acrylic This is a simple and effect way to introduce Northwest Coast art and painting with acrylics

Painting on Canvas with Acrylic

I instruct youth in a project to paint on canvas in the topic of "what love means to them". We start with drawing the idea out and then transferring it to canvas to paint with acrylic paint. Once completed we hang them for a youth exhibit so they can see their pieces in a professional setting and the parents can see what loves mean to their children and see their artwork on display among other artists.

Puppet Show

I lead youth in making their very own puppet out of old socks and recyclables. I organize the kids into groups and they create themes for their puppets based on songs they are going to lip sync too. We set up a stage with lights and music and each group performs a song with their puppets. This is a huge accomplishment for the students, especially those who feel stage fright, to let their puppet steal the show and perform the song with movements with their hands.

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