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Andy the Musical Scientist

Discipline: Music
Homebase: Vancouver
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley &, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island Lower, Vancouver Island Mid, Vancouver Island North, Interior, North, Remote, Kootenays
Languages: English
Grant Eligibility: Eligible for 70% AIE

Andy has performed for hundreds of schools around the world, the Vancouver Children's Festival, Vancouver Folkfest, a Raffi album, and 3 CBC documentaries. With 40 year's experience studying music from various cultures (including a sitar scholarship to India), he has performed with African and Indian ensembles, and the Children's Landfill Harmonic Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay. With Delhi2Dublin, he toured the world, performing for the prime minister, British royal family, BBC, and MTV India. Andy also performed in China's Forbidden City and the Early Learning Center in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to the sheer delight of the children and teachers!

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Andy the Musical Scientist Performance!

School Year: 23-24
Discipline: Music
Offered Languages: English
Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 45 mins.
Capacity: 1000
Tech Requirements: a large table , 2 chairs with no arms, and access to electricity. For multiple performances I prefer to be able to leave my equipment set up between sets.
Available Formats: In Person

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Music can generate interest in science, just as science can inspire new approaches to music. Andy (formerly of Delhi 2 Dublin) combines both to inspire children to think outside the box. He enthralls the audience with his amazing homemade inventions, (Musical hockey stick, Lego theremin, Musical skateboard) made from random reusable household items! Inspired by instruments he witnessed children making while traveling in Africa, they invoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in other cultures. Using humor and hilarious persona he demonstrates technology in music, scientific principles of sound, and recycling in action. Sharing anecdotes of touring the world he inspires children to follow their dreams. Volunteers experience looping, beatboxing, theremin and transform a spoon in to a guitar! A wonderful testament to creative thinking, through which breakthroughs can be made in music, science, environmental stewardship, and all aspects of life! Option to divide audience capacity in to multiple smaller shows (if social distancing mandates still in place) with up to 3 consecutive shows per school.

Testimonials & Reviews

What Andy brought was amazing! His talent, passion and ingenuity sparkled, and the audience was mesmerized. Through the music, he demonstrated that with hard work and imagination amazing things can be accomplished. I loved the creative references to recycling as well! His engaging and playful attitude was delightful. The children absolutely loved trying his instruments! Both the students, and the teachers who were present were talking about the performance for days after. He is fantastic! Katherine Fawcett, Music Teacher, Whistler Waldorf School
We invited Andy to come perform for a grade 7/8 assembly, with some grade 9’s in attendance. From Start to finish, Andy had the students riveted and engaged. After the show, students and staff alike were brimming with enthusiasm for his performance! Students said they thought his show was great fun and that they were inspired to try making their own creative inventions. We would highly recommend his performance for other schools interested in a cross-curricular assembly that gets kids pumped! Robin Kirk, principal, Don Ross Middle School
Kids were "mesmerized" by the instruments and one staff member reported a parent saying "he was the best performer she'd ever seen!" ….. staff unanimously said they would love to host Andy the Musical Scientist again. I would highly recommend Andrew to other organizations. Christine Conroy, Events Specialist Fraser Valley Regional Library Administrative Centre

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