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April Caverhill

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 217-7810 , Email , Web

I began my art adventure at an arts based high school, and proceeded from there to Toronto's OCADU, where I studied commercial illustration and print making on fibre. My art practice is exciting and varied, focused primarily on illustration, printmaking and fibre art. From my Victoria studio, I create art which has been published in print and online media in Canada, the US and Japan. The quirky art quilts I paint and sew have been exhibited across Canada, and in Iceland. I absolutely love being an artist! I've been an art educator for over thirty years, offering workshops and classes to a range of organizations including public and private schools, art galleries, rec centres, libraries, the Salvation Army, AIDS Vancouver Island and Women's Transition House. Teaching art to young people is an absolute joy. My goal when facilitating is to free the imagination, grow creative curiosity and inspire confidence.


I deeply value the curiosity, dedication, playfulness, and enthusiasm April brings to her work as instructor. She has a wonderful ability to inspire learners of all ages and constantly fosters a warm, thoughtful and inviting space. She is a consummate learner herself and models this mindset with her students as they engage with her exciting exploratory concepts. Simply, April is brilliant and a real gem! Oona McClure, Studio Coordinator, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
April's enthusiasm and passion for creative expression is contagious! She is a talented facilitator who seamlessly integrates curricular contexts into her creative projects. Her ability to collaborate with educators and students provides engaging experiences for our young artists. St. Margaret's School embraces the opportunity to continue to work with April to add value to our arts program with her open, collaborative, genuine passion for creating. Emma Glasgow, Athletic Coordinator, St. Margaret's School
Since 2016, we have been fortunate to have April as an instructor at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill. April is the most positive and upbeat person I've ever met, and her smiles are contagious. She is reliable, organized, hard-working and extremely creative. Her inventive mixed media projects invite playfulness and self-expression in kids of all ages. The collaborative murals she has made with her kids' classes bringing smiles to everyone in the building. Jessie Demers, Visual Arts Programmer, Arts Centre at Cedar Hill

Project Examples

Altered Albums

In this workshop, recycled albums metamorphose into colourful, kaleidoscopic spinning works of art! Using the words and images on their album as a starting point, young artists alter and reinvent both the album covers and the records inside. We'll talk about how everyday objects and words can be, and become, art - it's all about imagination and context! After painting, and collaging with an inspiring collection of materials, students reconstruct their LPs so their record can actually spin in it's newly designed jacket. Each child will come away with a personal, original art statement.The completed albums looks stunning when exhibited as a group, too.

Fantastic Structures

Using only a few simple supplies and the spirit of invention, students are invited to build the highest, most eye-catching structure they can. This involves a little bit of math, a touch of engineering, group problem solving, and a whole lot of artistic fun. The class is shown a variety of ways to make their masterpieces; loops, stairways, moving pieces, hidden doorways and more are all explored as ways to fabricate a visually exciting and structurally sound creation. Excitement builds as teetering, eclectic structures take shape. The results are an explosion of colourful, whimsical, wacky wonder! Any child old enough to use scissors and tape will love this building challenge.

Rice Paste Resist

This multi-layered workshop is loosely based on a traditional Japanese art form, katazome, which uses rice paste as a resist medium. Participants are lead though a streamlined version of the entire fascinating process, which includes creating their own design, making their own rice paste, applying the paste to fabric, painting over the dried paste resist, and finally removing the paste to reveal their completed art. This workshop, which can be set up as a large group project or for individual students, always evokes oohs and aaahs of delight. Children of all ages enjoy this experience! It's a wonderful way for youth to learn more about positive/negative space, colour, shape and form.

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