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Axé Capoeira in the Classroom

Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Music, Theatre
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, French, Portuguese
Contact Me: Web

Marcus Aurelio (Lelo), was born in the city of Recife in the northeast of Brazil. He began training Capoeira at the age of three with his father Mestre Barrão, whom he accompanied to his classes, Capoeira events, and street rodas. Marcus' passion for Capoeira lead him to focus on nothing but his studies and his training. At the age of nine he moved to Canada with his parents where he continued to train and also began to perform in many shows, school demonstrations, and festivals in British Columbia, Canada and abroad. Also, at this young age, he sang a track on the Axé Capoeira Vol. II CD. Since then, he has sung chorus and played instruments on all of Mestre Barrão's subsequent albums. He has performed on various films, tv shows and commercials, commission motion capture for popular video games, and helped his father to make an instructional video series for Panther Productions. He has also participated in several prestigious capoeira competitions throughout the world, and has placed in the top three in all events. With all of Marcus' extensive experience and expertise in Capoeira, he inherited the Axé Capoeira Vancouver Academy from his father, at the age of seventeen. He trains students from the ages of three to sixty-five years plus, on a daily basis. He has guided and developed a number of students into becoming top level instructors within the martial arts community. For the last twenty years, he has provided families and communities with a healthy and positive environment. He also travels the world and leads workshops in elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities, across the globe, in over thirty different countries. He has taught all different types of people from different cultures, and with a range of physical and learning abilities. Marcus is an incredibly gifted capoeirista, leader and teacher. He will bring a truly amazing experience to any classroom.


The teachers were impressed with the overall presentation and how Marcus was able to teach and lead the students at a level that all the children were able to engage in and take something away. Agnes Krammer, Learning Resources Teacher, St. James and St. Ann's Elementary

Project Examples

Capoeira Workshops

Axé Capoeira Vancouver is officially recognized as the premier Capoeira organization in Canada. Grupo Axé Capoeira would like to offer you the opportunity to introduce your students to a unique and interdisciplinary art form that has inspired thousands of children, youth, and adults since taking root in the city in 1990. With its emphasis on active health, the arts, and cultural appreciation, we believe that capoeira fills a much-needed niche in the education of today's students, particularly in light of observed rising obesity rates among Canadian children and youth. As an Afro-Brazilian art form, capoeira will teach students an appreciation for multiculturalism through music played on traditional Afro-Brazilian instruments, songs sung in Portuguese, and aspects of Brazilian dance. All the while, students will also expend pent-up energy to renew focus for the classroom, by participating in intensive physical activity through training capoeira self-defense movements and supplementary physical conditioning, with many benefits. The Axé Capoeira In-School Student Program makes it easy and convenient for teachers to provide their students with a novel and enriching multicultural experience. On-site classes may be arranged for students of any age, of any number, for any length of time (40-90 minutes recommended), at any time during the school day. We will fit our classes seamlessly into the school timetable, whether during lunch, P.E., after school care, or otherwise.

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