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Barb Round, Certified Zentangle Teacher

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Campbell River
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 923-0739 , Email , Web

Since 2011, Barb Round, Certified Zentangle Teacher, has introduced the calm, relaxing pen and paper art of Zentangle® to thousands of people of all ages and abilities. In 2015, her art was published in four Zentangle books by invitation of the authors. Patterned drawing, introduced in a deliberate and easy-to -follow method, emphasizes the meditative quality of Zentangle drawing and contributes to mindfulness. Barb says, "My focus is to wake up the inner artist in others and encourage their creativity in a safe and stress-free way. I consider my students' successes to be my crowning achievements." Zentangle "levels the playing field" for students as it is non-representational, gender-neutral, calming, forgiving and flexible. "Mistakes" are easily recoverable and the process is supportive and confirming. Barb emphasizes the value of individual style and the uniqueness of each student's work. Zentangle integrates well with other art projects such as poster-making, scrapbooking, card-making, journaling, pottery, woodburning or mixed media art - and can provide links to other areas of study. Barb is also available for Professional Development workshops.


Barb was able to teach my class of students an intricate Zentangle design by guiding them through each step and process. Barb worked very well with my students and they all actively listened and worked as she guided them through the project... She was able to accommodate her instruction very effectively to suit various grade levels. She is a strong presenter and was able to teach and manage my class of 26 enthusiastic students very effectively. I believe that Barb Round would be an asset to any school/community art program. Sarah Morton, Weledeh Catholic School, Yellowknife, NT
Barb is patient, kind, thoughtful and very well organized. She was able to differentiate her instruction so that students of all ages could participate successfully. Barb is passionate about and loves what she does. Through her workshops she inspired students who previously had little experience with art or who felt art was something they were just not good at. I overheard more than one student say something along the lines of, 'I never knew I could do art!' Emily Kobittich, eBlend Instructor, Robron Centre, Campbell River
I have never seen my students so engaged for such a long period of time. It wasn't just some of them either. It was ALL of them which made this lesson even more incredible. Barb was a patient teacher and explained the process in a way that all students felt successful. Nancy Hwang, École Willow Point, Campbell River

Project Examples

Customized Zentangle Workshops

Barb will design additional sessions as requested, which may incorporate exploration of more complex patterns and designs, working with white on black, the addition of colour and colour-shading, 3D tangled creations (dodecahedron, icosahedron, flexagons), large-scale pieces such as banners and cooperative tangles.

Introduction to Zentangle

The beauty of Zentangle is that you do not need to plan and lay out your design in advance... it evolves as you add new patterns, making it low-stress, leading to surprisingly pleasing results. Taking students from blank paper to finished black-and-white art piece, Barb introduces concepts of mindfulness and deliberate relaxation along with easy-to-learn repetitive patterns or 'tangles'. Line drawing with added shading for texture and definition are the basis of Zentangle. Emphasis is on low-stress ways of building non-representational art pieces. Individual style and respect for others' styles are paramount. This class is the basic building block and can be adjusted for all age and grade levels. I bring to every class art samples and books to spark the students' imaginations. My fee structure includes the Zentangle Apprentice Kit, which contains supplies for 26 students, and a recorded Zentangle lesson by Zentangle founder, Maria Thomas, on CD.

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