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Bouge de là

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: QC
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley &, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island Lower, Vancouver Island Mid, Vancouver Island North, Interior, North, Kootenays
Languages: English, French

Established in 2000 by Hélène Langevin, Bouge de là creates and performs prime quality dance pieces for young audiences and develops a multitude of cultural mediation activities that promote dance. Children are at the heart of the company’s approach: Bouge de là offers them a beneficial and joyful dance experience, eliciting the full range of their senses and awakening in them the desire to embrace movement. The company aims to give as many children as possible the opportunity to discover dance, to express themselves through movement and to experience the thrill of dancing with others. By fusing dance with other artistic disciplines (video, theatre, shadow play), the company offers contemporary dance performances full of humour and poetry. It has eight works in its repertoire: La Tribu Hurluberlu (2000), Like the 5 Fingers on your Hand (2003), CHUT!! (2005), Old Thomas and the Little Fairy (2008), The Studio (2010), Bedtime! (2013), The 26 Letter Dance (2016), Through my Eyes (2018), Kaléidoscope (2020), Glitch (2022). In 2019, Hélène Langevin receives the Prix du CALQ | 2018/2019 Best choreographic work in Québec and Prix de la danse de Montréal for Through My Eyes. NOTE: During the pandemic, Bouge de là decided to pay a visit to the school playground to put on a show and get the children dancing! Kaleidoscope is inspired by an excerpt from Through My Eyes (2018), featuring 4 dancers. The 10 minutes performance is followed by a 20 minutes dance workshop.


Kaléidoscope by Bouge de la

School Year: 23-24
Discipline: Dance
Offered Languages: English, French
Grade Suitability: K - 5
Duration: 30 min (10min performance+ 20 min dance workshop) x 3 times
Capacity: 60
Tech Requirements: table, 4 chairs
Available Formats: In Person

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Kaléidoscope by Bouge de la is a show (10 minutes) performed by 4 dancers, followed immediately by a dance workshop (20 minutes).There is a dance facilitator for the workshop. Kaleidoscope is available for bookings in November 2023 and geared to children 3 to 10 years old. Total of Kaleidoscope: 30 minutes.

Testimonials & Reviews

I saw that the students enjoyed it and reacted positively! I was surprised to see them rolling around on the playground floor and having a great time. [...] The teachers were getting into the spirit of this lively event... and so was I, especially in the morning, when I had the opportunity to take some souvenir photos of the festive and unifying event! [...] Thanks again to the whole team and the company! They were able to bring colour, life and rhythm to the hearts of our students in this time Mr Christian Simoneau, Director, Barthélémy-Vimont Annexe School, Montreal, April 2021
Everyone enjoyed it very much. Some parents from the CPE wrote me personally after the event to tell me how much their child loved the show. And that it had stayed with them for the rest of the week! Ms Annie Dorion, Deputy General and Administrative Director | Salle Pauline-Julien. Montreal, April 2021
Very interesting dance workshop, much appreciated by the children for its diversity (fast, slow, robot, etc.). They also liked the show for the catchy music, the dancers acrobatic skills and the «funny things» (costume, cheerleading pompom, some movements). Ms Nadia Da Silva, Teacher, Guillaume-Vignal School, Longueuil, May 2021

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