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Brendan McLeod

Discipline: Storytelling
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English

Brendan McLeod is a Canadian writer, spoken word artist, and musician. He is the author of one novel, one play, and two monologues, the most recent of which is his award-winning piece Brain. He is the founder of The Fugitives, a progressive folk group, and is a former Canadian SLAM poetry champion and World SLAM runner-up. He's taught spoken word at Langara College, and is an active youth educator with a variety of organizations.


"McLeod offers all of this with generosity and phenomenal grace. The guy is so smart, his rapid fire delivery so clean and confident, his wit so casual, copious, and reassuring that he makes the journey feel safe for the audience. He gives himself; he feels less alone and we feel less alone. That's what theatre is all about." Georgia Straight
"This show is the full package. It's soulful, heartfelt theatre that is moving and challenging, skillfully crafted and entertaining." Plank Magazine

Performances & Workshops

Only Available until June


Grade Suitability: Grade 8 - 12
Duration: 55 mins.
Capacity: 500 students
Tech Requirements: stage or gym floor, change room
Fee Range: $770 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

A hilarious, heartbreaking monologue about consciousness and friendship from award-winning novelist and former Canadian poetry SLAM champ Brendan McLeod. Brain maps Brendan's experiences both as a young man struggling to understand his obsessions and as an adult battling psychosis. A nuanced journey through the nature of thought, and an optimistic exploration of the importance of friendship, Brain is an upbeat, intense comedy about the miracle of the mind.

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