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Candice George in the Classroom

Discipline: Interdisciplinary, Music, Storytelling, Visual Arts
Homebase: Fraser Lake
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 301-6178 , Email , Web

Candice George is of Stellat'en and Wetsuwet'en ancestry. She is Kilweneetz'en from the House of the Deneyaz, a sub crest within the Luksilyou, Caribou Clan. Her passion for performing arts, music, storytelling and traditions has been passed on from her grandparents and many knowledge holders. She has been a performing artist for 17 years, who has recently began to writes & composes music, she's a beginner basket-maker as well as an avid storyteller. Candice has a passion to implement cultural programs to enhance, engage student learners in experiential, hands-on, project-based lessons & 21st Century Learning. As well as sharing uplifting, positive, authentic cultural programs in a meaningful way.


I have to say that you model the most wonderful mindset with your actions and words. It has been commented on by my staff. You are gracious and lovely and courageous and confident. I can only say that I hope that us working together gives me a little of your magic :-) Karin Paterson, Principal, Polaris Montessori Elementary, SD 57
I have had the pleasure of working with Candice at Beaverly Elementary School. Candice has brought a wealth of Aboriginal knowledge to our school. She has worked with our students on singing and teaching traditional songs. She helped teach our grade 1 students songs for our Christmas concert, our grade 4/5 class learn a farewell song. She introduced drum making. dance and art. She worked on tanning process of a moose hide with our school. The knowledge and skills she begins has been invaluable. Candice eagerly engages our students. She is a team player and works well with our Aboriginal Education Worker. Candice's caring nature makes her a pleasure to be around. Candice has been a strong role model for our Aboriginal students. Students have felt comfortable sharing their experiences with her and are keen to ask questions about language and culture. Her ideas are creative, innovative and always well received by all. Jill Jackson, Principal, Beaverly Elementary, SD57
Candice George worked with my students and I on a project combining local First Nation oral stories and stop motion technology. At the beginning of the unit, Candice George read and discussed a variety of oral stories during her weekly visits to our class. What made these stories powerful to our students was that they referenced local landmarks that many students knew and had visited. After we had read the stories, small groups of students selected one each and began developing them into stop motion movies. Candice provided all of the materials needed for the project, including craft materials and cameras. Over the next several weeks, she helped guide the students in the creation of their movies. My students not only deepened their understanding of local First Nations oral stories, but also gained valuable art, video, and sound editing skills during this unit. I highly recommend this project to other educators. We presented our stop motion movies to our school during our Indigenous Games celebrations, in which Candice was also an engaging leader and facilitator. They received great feedback from teachers, parents, and other students. It was such a large project and it would not have been possible without Candice's expertise and guidance. Garrett Hollybow, Southridge Elementary, SD57

Project Examples

Indigenous Music

This is a 6 week program. It is broken into 3 sections: 1) Importance of Indigenous Music & Protocols (1 hour) 2) Learn a song with your class/school (4-5, 30 min practice sessions) 3) Special class performance(s) (1hour). This interactive program teaches children about rhythm, and drum beats. I will teach a song to participants to perform for a special event/ assembly. Additional project options are offered as well! Contact artist for further details!

Oral Tradition & 21st Century Learning

This 6-8 week program is a project-based lesson with an Indigenous focus. It is broken down into 4 sections: 1) Project introduction & Oral History (1-2 hours) 2) Student- driven group projects begin (4-8 hours) 3) Introduction to 21st Century Learning (2-3hours) 4) Special class production showtime. (1hour) * NOTE: This is also offered for professional development for educators as well.

Project of Heart

Project of heart commemorates the lives of thousands of Indigenous people who have lost their lives as a result of the residential school experience. It empowers students to call Canadians to action, through social justice endeavours to change our present and future collectively. In acknowledging the loss suffered by many, we gain a deeper understanding of the strength, wisdom and resilience of the First Nations peoples of this land. This is a 6-8 week project-based lesson. Students participate in inquiry-based, hands-on, collaborative, artistic journey of truth seeking & honouring of all survivors of the residential school experience. There are various project options for activities leading upto the final "Reconciliation" art piece, as well as various special event to conclude this ReconciliACTION program. Contact artist for further details!

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