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Devon More

Discipline: Storytelling
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, German, Dutch
Contact Me: Email , Web

Award-winning playwright and nationally touring performer, Devon More is also a UBC B.Ed graduate with a Specialization in Arts-Based Learning and current TRB qualification. Whether working in the creative sector as an educator, rock band front woman, storyteller, or independent theatre producer, she aims to foster a sense of collective identity through the shared experience of live performance. As a workshop facilitator for groups ranging from school-aged children to senior citizens, Devon encourages participants to find their own unique voice and use the art of storytelling to elevate the ordinary, showcase diversity, and strengthen community. Devon's unique solo musical storytelling shows weave together the technical execution of her original compositions with rich text and imagery embedded in song lyrics, slam poetry and conversational narratives. Beginning with a theme or a meticulously researched area of fascination (from the Berlin Wall to quantum physics), Devon uses the power of story, the memory of melody, and the familiarity of a single human's perspective to make complex ideas accessible for examination and inquiry.


Devon instructed students to construct oral stories from the brainstorming phase to the final presentation. She took them on a journey, providing numerous stories via podcasts, ones she wrote herself and other resources to demonstrate the parts of a story. She included drama as well as art and from the onset, the students were engaged. She made learning not only enjoyable, but created a safe space that was also welcoming to all skill levels. She came to teach our students prepared, enthusiastic and continuously made her lessons dynamic. The unit culminated with students participating in a story cafe where we celebrated by sharing their stories in front of students, our local newspaper and members from our board office. It was a huge success and students were very proud to perform. Helen Cranstoun, grade 8 teacher, SD40
Devon was professional, creative, and demonstrated effective classroom management skills in the workshop component of her session at RSS. She encouraged students to present their skits in a way that was comfortable for each of them. Her organizational skills and attention to individual differences were very much appreciated by the students as well as the teacher. Jeff Wilson, Teacher-Librarian, SD19
Devon carries herself professionally at all times. She is a very skilled performer (and workshop presenter) and it was just so valuable to have had the students experience several days of workshops with Devon before they saw her perform. I am sure many were inspired to continue writing their stories and perhaps even to pursue Drama in their future lives from having had the opportunity to work with Devon. Leanne Ewen, Curriculum Facilitator, SD40

Project Examples

MY Story: Autobiography and Storytelling

MY Story is a multi-day Story Exploration workshop series where participants transform autobiographical anecdotes into oral stories that hold the listener captive. While acknowledging the many forms of story, Devon focuses on 7 Steps to building effective narratives "for the ear". Students learn to share memorable snapshots, with "facts that dance", in a style similar to The Moth podcast. While working as a hive, in pairs and small groups, students cycle through activities to: define a safe and productive creative space; draw story-worthy moments to the surface with icebreaker games; develop vocabulary for describing emotional stakes with movement exercises and simple role play. According to ability, with any necessary accommodations, students self-select appropriate content and practice narrative devices and presentation techniques on various short (3-6 minute) stories. Culminating in a casual My Story Share event, this workshop series intends to elevate and celebrate the ordinary, and to showcase and appreciate diversity within the group. By evaluating and articulating their own lived experiences, exchanging feedback, and polishing public speaking skills, autobiographical storytelling facilitates the development of many Core Competencies: Communication: connect and engage with others; interpret and present information; recount and reflect on experiences. Creative Thinking: generate and develop ideas, identifying novelty and value Critical Thinking: question and investigate [their own past]; develop and design [a narrative arc]; analyze and critique [exchange feedback] Positive Personal and Cultural Identity: define self in relation to world and other; define values that shape choices and are influenced by life experiences

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