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Diane Moran

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Port Coquitlam
Languages: English

Diane Moran is a visual artist committed to projects that educate about everyday issues through art. Over the years, Diane has been involved in both international and local projects with schools and communities. She studied art at Emily Carr and Langara. She has exhibited in galleries and events as both a solo artist and in group shows. Mixed media, painting, photography, local history, conservation and environmental awareness are common themes. Artist residencies, workshops and one-off projects with curriculum links are areas of focus. A hands-on collaborative approach to projects with the art completed by the students focusing on curricular links throughout the process is encouraged.


Diane's talent, skill with process and her ability to bring out the best in students were outstanding. Her rapport with teachers, seniors and students is excellent. Janey Talbot, Community Coordinator

Project Examples


Through the use of collage, painting or mixed media students will experience a hands-on exploration of materials and concepts. Using a collaborative process, Diane will guide teachers and students to discover a new approach to covering common school curriculum such as social studies, language arts and social justice topics through banner-making. Diane offers many media and idea options with projects. Some can be as short as a few hours or a longer residencies of which could take place over a series of visits to be determined depending on needs, time or budget constraints.

Community Mapping and More

Through hands-on exploration using various media print and historical photos, this workshop will allow students to explore and learn about their local community and history. Projects will focus on some mapping and design. Diane offers many material options and simple methods of research, interview skills and gathering data. Detailed topics and larger projects would take place over a series of visits. Diane has worked on local history, conservation, street banners and walking tour projects in Burnaby, Port Coquitlam and New Westminster School districts.

Mask Making

This workshop will focus on process rather than product, encouraging hands-on exploration of materials and ideas as a way to explore and learn about the chosen topic through mask-making. Diane offers many material options such as cardboard, recycled materials, plastics, paper maché and air dry clay. Elaborate styles of masks are constructed over a series of visits. Length of workshop can be determined on needs, time and budget constraints. Diane has worked on mask making projects in school districts throughout the Lower Mainland.

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