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Eileen Hutson

Discipline: Visual Arts
Homebase: Fraser Lake
Regions Available: North
Languages: English
Themes: First Nations, Inuit, and/or Metis Art, Mental Health, Climate Change and/or Environmentalism
Grant Eligibility: Eligible to apply for AIC

Eileen Hutson is a painter and muralist who has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions and juried art shows in BC's northwest, and is now based in Fraser Lake, north central BC. She has worked on several commissioned murals, helping students and schools create their own unique murals. Eileen has taught painting in all mediums to students ages 3 to 83 for over 25 years, taking great satisfaction in presenting art in a collaborative way that excites and challenges participants while providing useful tips and methods designed to facilitate success and deliver an enjoyable experience. Final projects, such as murals, link to curriculum studies, local history and environmental issues.

Classroom Residency(ies)

Contact Me: (250) 699-2777, Email

Dance Impressions

School Year: 23-24

Explore dance and music through visual art following an introduction to any contemporary dance form (with dance facilitator of your choice). Eileen will guide students through their own interpretation of rhythm and movement via 2 dimensional art in any desired media.

Under the Douglas Channel

School Year: 23-24

Students grades 8 to 12 designed and painted a 40 mural in a hallway in Mount Elizabeth Secondary School. This mural depicted the profuse marine life of the Douglas Channel and north Pacific off the northwest coast of BC. Students researched their chosen sea plants and animals and fine tuned their visual understanding of these images in order to transfer and incorporate them into the mural.

Testimonials & Reviews

This has been a very successful series of workshops for the Kitimat Museum and Archives, and has become an integral part of the elementary school curriculum in Kitimat, due in no small part to the talent, hard work and passion of Eileen Hutson. Angela Eastma, Assistant Curator, Kitimat Museum and Archives
My last experience working with Eileen through art starts was extremely positive and was big success. She introduced our mural and brainstormed with my high school students and myself during classroom. She taught painting methods and was generous with her expertise. She successfully worked with small groups of students to produce a fantastic mural that spans 40 feet of our hallway floor to ceiling and depicts Kitimat's marine life in the Douglas Channel. Maureen Atkinson, Art Teacher, Mount Elizabeth Middle & Secondary School

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