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Emily E Smith

Discipline: Film / Video, Theatre, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English
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Your enthusiasm for building community-based activities allowed me to see cross-curricular opportunities to excite learners! Anonymous

Project Examples

ITA Maker Club

The ITA Maker Club Manual is a 3 part resource that introduces students and teachers to maker culture while providing ideas, inspiration, and technical skills related to the trades. Our goal is to support teachers in implementing the new ADST curriculum in a way that is fun and creative. By utilizing recycled materials and exploring 'who makes what' in your community, you can find cheap or free materials to make anything you can imagine. This playbook was written by Emily Smith and Zee Kesler in partnership with the Industry Training Authority and the Magic Trout Imaginarium. This booklet accompanied Professional Development days and funding for districts to get hands-on. This manual is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather serve as a sample of ideas for ways to introduce students to the tools and trades through in engaging fun projects that can be customized to their interests. Once students learn how to use the tools, more projects can stem from their learning based on their interests.

Making with Materials

Driven by material engagement, "Teacher Jams" give teachers or students the opportunity to get hands-on right away. In these sessions, participants learn techniques and material properties, while connecting and sharing with one another. These sessions are driven by interest, and have included felting, natural dyeing, creative mending, and working with recycled and low-cost materials like cardboard and tin cans. Curricular tie-ins are shared among the group: between districts and classrooms.

Needle Felting

Projects include everything from making creepy creatures, to learning the anatomy of the heart or our solar system.

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