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Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Homebase: Edmonton
Regions Available: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley &, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island Lower, Vancouver Island Mid, Vancouver Island North, Interior, North, Remote, Kootenays, Virtual
Languages: English
Themes: Mental Health, Anti-Bullying
Grant Eligibility: Eligible for 40% AIE

The FloWarrior is a world renowned award winning instructor, multidisciplinary performance artist, and motivational speaker. With a Masters degree in Medical Physics, and over a decade as a professional performance artist, he possesses a powerful blend of academic and artistic backgrounds which he draws upon to connect with, inspire, and empower audiences of all ages. Using his spectacular performance skills and shared love of popular culture (star wars, anime, videogames etc…); he has a unique ability to captivate young audiences attention, gain their respect, and impact them with his story. He has pioneered his own unique brand of 'martial artistry' through years of training and dedication to his craft, by combining his passions for dance, martial arts and music; while exploring his cultural heritage as a Japanese Canadian. Having experienced first hand the power that art has to transform lives for the better, he is on a mission to share the gift of inspiration with the next generation, and empower them to find their own unique Path of Purpose in an ever-changing modern world.


Motivational Performance and Presentation

School Year: 24-25
Discipline: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Other
Offered Languages: English
Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A
Tech Requirements: Access to gym without students for 45minutes before and 20 minutes after show. Electrical outlet in proximity to performance space. (optional: projector / smart screen accepting hdmi input). Table for laptop/gear. Center Aisle in audience.
Available Formats: In Person, Virtual

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

Spectacular motivational talks designed to inspire and empower the next generation with important lessons directly applicable to their lived experiences in school/life. Exciting performances with a variety of amazing skills (lightsabers, swords etc…) throughout the presentation establish student respect, drive home important points and keep audience engaged throughout. Available in three versions which adapt to suit the age, mental development, and attention span of the audience: 1) K-7 How to Unlock your Superpowers Inspiring and empowering kids to discover their unique gifts, connect to their intuition, and develop their gifts with powerful knowledge on skill development and creativity (persistence, patience, practice, exploration, collaboration etc…) 2) Gr 7-9 The Game of Life This show was created to address the growing impact of time wasting distractions in a digital age on our society and youth (cell phones, tik tok, Instagram etc…). Using the relatable analogy of video games, I teach how to consciously spend their limited ‘experience points’ (i.e. time) in ways that contribute to their growth, and impact the world in positive ways. 3) Gr 10-12 The Power of Purpose High school students are on the precipice of adulthood, and newfound independence to choose their own path. Many experience uncertainty, fear and frustration in a rapidly evolving modern world that has changed drastically from the world of their parents. This show is designed to inspire the next generation to discover/choose their own unique Path of Purpose, and to empower them create a life of meaning, fulfilment, and success. Themes (critical thinking, digital literacy, intuition, innovation, social responsibility, peer pressure, stereotypes, privilege and more!)

Testimonials & Reviews

“Wonderfully entertaining and totally motivating. Daniel captured the minds, imagination, and energy of the kids in our very small north Vancouver Island school. Thank you so much for travelling to our small community!” -Carole T. ; Teacher ; School District 84
"Dan was engaging, passionate and thoughtful. He provided a well-suited and inspiring presentation for our Jr. High students. Through a captivating visual and kinaesthetic performance, in addition to his motivational and focused digital component, Dan effectively communicated the power of resilience, self-awareness and determination, instilling a sense of empowerment for all participants, including teachers!" Jessica Sykes ; Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton
“Daniel’s ability to weave performing arts, physics and social emotional learning all in one captivating presentation was impressive. The incorporation of message, movement and music was mesmerizing and thought provoking for the entire audience!” -Lisa W. ; Principal ; Cultus Lake Community School

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