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Frances Litman

Discipline: Film / Video, Interdisciplinary, Visual Arts, Writing
Homebase: Victoria
Languages: English
Contact Me: (250) 383-0206 , Email , Web

Frances Litman has worked for news and magazine media as a writer/editor and photographer (1979-1994), built a thriving multi-media business (1990-present) and is accredited as a Master of Photographic Arts, photographic adjudicator and international speaker. Frances teaches photography privately, plus at the invitation of art colleges, private and public schools; she also leads international photo tours with a variety of travel companies. Her private work is regularly accepted into adjudicated art shows. In 2012, Frances created an annual community arts and sustainability festival, which 10,000 people have attended to date, plus voluntarily manages, a non-profit community solutions network. In 2017, she was the recipient of a Community Leadership Award and in 2018 received an Honourary Citizen of Victoria Award. Frances has also hosted, written and produced of a series of television programs focusing on community innovation and sustainability. She was also a 2015 federal Green Party candidate. As an Artist in the Classroom, Frances is available to share her wealth of experience and contagious enthusiasm for creative and meaningful inquiry with students of all ages.


Frances is well-known in our community as one of the leading photographers on Vancouver Island and has been for the past two decades. Her dedication to her craft and the community in which she resides has been worthy of the many photography and community leadership awards she has won over the years. Frances Litman's passion, dedication and commitment has resulted in us embracing the opportunity to work collaboratively with Frances and her EarthFocus and Creatively United for the Planet vision. Maryanne Trofimuk, Principal, Rockheights Middle School
I am writing to express my deep and abiding gratitude for my 16-year-old daughter's privileged exposure and involvement with Frances Litman and the Creatively United for the Planet Festival. She gave my daughter and other youth a platform and road map how to navigate a balanced and sustainable future and an opportunity to develop and showcase their artistic abilities and inspire other youth in the process. Kelly Gerhart
Working with Frances was energizing and fulfilling! She is amazingly keen to work with the kids and very open to collaboration and taking on projects big and small. We were able to create a shared vision for our time together and Frances was able to bring in all sorts of artistic elements I would never have dreamed off and that my grade nines and tens had a lot of fun with. Frances was genuine and engaging and the students really responded well working with her, inspiring them to reconsider how we interact with each other and our world. Brad Cunningham , Humanities Teacher, École secondaire Reynolds Secondary School

Project Examples

Creating a One Planet Community Livestream Event

I conceived, organized, scripted and interviewed more than 20 people for a 105-minute event focusing on Creating a One Planet Community that had both a live audience and was livestreamed to an online audience. I had less than a month to prepare for this due to a variety of circumstances, yet managed to fill the event space to capacity and have viewers tune in from all over North America. I welcome the opportunity to share my media and interview skills.

Creatively United for the Planet

A long-held desire to bring environmental and social justice issues to the forefront in a more solutions-based and creative way, led me to establishing the Creatively United for the Planet Society in 2012. I have volunteered thousands of hours annually bringing people together and showcasing positive solutions that foster healthy, happy and more resilient communities. Please visit to see the full scope of this endeavour.

Rockheights Middle School Book Project

The Rockheights Middle School Stepping Into Nature/Earth Focus project that I developed and delivered in 2013/2014, brought students and staff together with the community at large by offering a forum for the school to showcase their learning during the project at the 2014 Creatively United for the Planet Earth Week Festival. At this city-wide event, attended by more than 2500 people, I provided an opportunity for the students to take part and be acknowledged in the opening parade and ceremonies, plus gave the school exhibition space to showcase their student's work in the project. The book, Stepping Into Nature, followed the festival and documented the entire experience from beginning to end as did videos and photography created specifically for this reason. The students became aware that this was more than "a project for teacher" and that they were contributing members of our community and society. As well, it combined a variety of curriculum and learning opportunities that met the requirements of the school district. I provided guidance and learning through photography, helping students to see beyond the obvious and understand their impact and personal footprint in the world. For many of them, this was the first time they had been seen, heard and acknowledged in a way that validated their creativity and participation in something bigger than themselves.

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