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Goh Ballet Youth Company

Discipline: Dance
Homebase: Vancouver
Languages: English, Mandarin

For over 40 years, Goh Ballet Academy has been recognized as a premiere dance academy offering the highest caliber of dance education. Under the direction of Chan Hon Goh, the Academy continues its legacy of training dancers who garner international praise and accolades. In 2009, Ms Goh, produced the premiere of Goh Ballet's The Nutcracker, setting a tradition for Vancouver to embrace. In 2020, despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Goh Ballet kept the tradition of The Nutcracker alive by producing a virtual rendition of an original dance story on film, Goh Ballet's The Nutcracker: Beyond the Stage


Fallen Prince is a reimagination of live performance during a period devoid of gatherings. Goh Ballet's ambitious undertaking succeeds in capturing the magic of The Nutcracker for people of all age groups, especially children. Fallen Prince captivates the viewer by sharing a story of personal triumph made possible through the fantastical capabilities of dance. Brannavy Jeyasundaram, The Dance Current
I have known Goh Ballet for decades and have seen what a difference they have made to dance not only in Canada but also in the world. Reid Anderson, Artistic Director, Stuttgart Ballet

Performances & Workshops

Fallen Prince: Dance Beyond the Stage

Grade Suitability: K-12
Duration: 45-60 mins
Capacity: 600+
Tech Requirements: For the Q & A session after the video viewing - a zoom link
Fee Range: $595 (Includes ArtStarts' fee. Additional fees apply for remote districts.)

Lower Mainland
Fraser Valley & Howe Sound
Vancouver Island Lower
Vancouver Island Mid
Vancouver Island North

In the classic fairy-tale of Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, she rescues him from the sword of the evil Mouse King. However, in the present, the evil is the uncertainties that torment a fallen prince in pursuit of a career in the world of ballet. Separated from his family during the lockdown, Alex, a 20-year-old struggling dancer, spends the pandemic ridden winter in isolation and forced to re-examine everything that was once familiar & is no longer. The Nutcracker: Dance Beyond the Stage- is an original story which will transport audiences through a young dancer's passage, portraying hope, resilience and strength in pursuit of artistic dreams. Resonating with many who have experienced challenges and change as a consequence of the global pandemic, this film stands for human courage, resilience and empowerment. There will be a short pre-show intro film & optional post-show live Q& A session & Artist spotlight.

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